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The Finals weapon tier list

The contestants in The Finals have their own specialties, so use this weapon tier list to decide which items to take into battle for each.

The Finals is full of weapons, so we've put together a tier list for you. Actually, we've got three tier lists. There are three different categories of contestants that you can play as, which each warrants their own weapon tier list.

While there are similarities in their gadgets, their specializations and weapons vary greatly. It only makes sense to separate them. This gives you the best look at what items to add to your loadout, no matter the class, before you dive into the arena.

The Finals Light contestant tier list

(Screenshots taken and tier list created by
(Screenshots taken and tier list created by
  • S Tier: Cloaking Device, M11, and Breaching Charge
  • A Tier: SH1900, XP-54, Pyro Grenade, and Stun Gun
  • B Tier: Evasive Dash, LH1, Sword, Goo Grenade, and Glitch Grenade
  • C Tier: Grappling Hook, SR-84, Throwing Knives, Flashbang, and Motion Sensor
  • D Tier: V9S and Frag Grenade
  • E Tier: Smoke Grenade and Gas Grenade
  • F Tier: Dagger, Vanishing Bomb, and Thermal Vision

In the right hands, any weapon or gadget is useful. You just want to prioritize the best ones to give you and your team a chance at dominating. That's why this weapon tier list for The Finals' Light class shows you the hardest hitting equipment.

Your job should be to get in, get kills, stash the cash, and get out. The weapons, gadgets, and specializations you see in the top tiers allow you to close the gap, create opportunities, and defend objectives.

Best Light weapon in The Finals

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

So, you've seen our top choices in the tier list. Let's go over what the very best weapon is for the Light contestant in The Finals. It's definitely the default M11, an automatic machine pistol with a good magazine size.

It doesn't have great range, but with the Cloaking Device, you should have no problem getting up close. Shots to the head are extremely lethal in The Finals, and the M11's reload time is quick. You should have no problem netting a kill, reloading, and moving back in for more.

The Finals Medium contestant tier list

(Screenshots taken and tier list created by
(Screenshots taken and tier list created by
  • S Tier: Healing Beam, AKM, Defibrillator, and Jump Pad
  • A Tier: Guardian Turret, Goo Grenade, Pyro Grenade, and APS Turret
  • B Tier: FCAR, R .357, Frag Grenade, Gas Grenade, and Explosive Mine
  • C Tier: CL-40, Sonar Grenade, Gas Mine, and Zipline
  • D Tier: Recon Senses and Model 1887
  • E Tier: Riot Shield and Tracking Dart
  • F Tier: Flashbang and Glitch Trap

If you play a Medium contestant, your focus should be on supporting your team. This can be done with damage, healing, or giving them ways to traverse the map. Take a look at this weapon tier list and you'll notice everything near the top can help with that.

You have long-range weapons, defibs to quickly pick up eliminated teammates, a healing beam to restore HP, and a Jump Pad to reach the high ground. There are also plenty of defensive capabilities with the higher tier gadgets.

Best Medium weapon in The Finals

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The default weapons in The Finals are great, as you can see by our weapon tier lists. For a Medium contestant, there's no need to change from the AKM. The FCAR does wonders at longer distances, but you should be fighting a bit closer so you are able to support your teammates.

The damage is sufficient, the recoil is manageable, and its iron sights don't leave you wishing there was a red dot on it. It also doesn't hurt that the sound it makes when you're popping off shots is one of the best firing noises in the game.

The Finals Heavy contestant tier list

(Screenshots taken and tier list created by
(Screenshots taken and tier list created by
  • S Tier: Mesh Shield, Lewis Gun, Sledgehammer, RPG, and Dome Shield
  • A Tier: MGL32 and Explosive Mine.
  • B Tier: Charge 'n' Slam, M60, Goo Grenade, and Pyro Grenade
  • C Tier: Flamethrower, Barricade, and C4
  • D Tier: Goo Gun, Frag Grenade, and Pyro Mine
  • E Tier: SA1216
  • F Tier: Flashbang and Gas Grenade

The Heavy class weapon tier list in The Finals shows you just how destructive this type of contestant can be. And that's what you should aim for. With the most health in the game, protect your teammates and dish out massive damage to the opposition.

Your best bet is utilizing the many explosives at the Heavy's disposal. This can topple buildings, prevent cashouts from being stolen, and simply dominate enemies. Whether you want to shoot a gun or smash them with a hammer is totally up to preference.

Best Heavy weapon in The Finals

The Heavy class might be slow, but it sure packs a punch. That's why it has two primary weapons in the S Tier, as either are viable. It just depends on your playstyle. So, go with either the Lewis Gun or the Sledgehammer to be most effective.

A couple of hits from the Sledgehammer will do the trick, and it can be used to break down walls. The Lewis Gun doesn't have the latter capability, but it's huge magazine and damage output will have you wiping whole teams with ease.

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