The maps in The Finals greatly vary, especially when you factor in the different scenarios available that force you to adapt.

There are four maps in The Finals, but that doesn't mean there isn't diversity. They are large, and with destructive environments combined with random Game Show Events, they change up quite often. There are also multiple variants that give a fresh take on the maps.

Every map you can play in The Finals

Although matches in The Finals take place in a virtual arena, the maps are based on real locations. Of course, they don't include any factual buildings or businesses for copyright purposes, but if you're familiar with the areas, you'll notice the similarities immediately.

Las Vegas

(Screeshot via
(Screeshot via

Las Vegas is a very grounded map. You'll dash through the streets and move across connected rooftops. Casinos, parking garages, and bright lights are found throughout Las Vegas, which can feel a bit like a maze at times.

This is a map where you will have to keep your ears open. The sounds of the slot machines and advertisements can easily prevent you from hearing approaches enemies. And on the flipside, you can use it to your advantage.


(Screeshot via
(Screeshot via

Monaco is present with its massive church sitting in the middle. This map can be as beautiful as it can be chaotic, depending on the variant. Here you'll find plenty of side streets, buildings to climb, and holes to duck into.

The location is rather spacious, however, even with the amount of structures in place. This is the number one map where The Finals' destruction capabilities come in handy. You can create new entry points or bring the cashouts down a level to steal it away.


(Screeshot via
(Screeshot via

Seoul is huge, in terms of length and width. This South Korean city comes with towering skyscrapers, cover-filled construction sites, and ziplines galore allowing for easy travel between areas. This also means there are plenty of gaps for you to fall into, so watch it.

Because of the map's size, you can focus on farther away objectives to buy yourself some time. More often than not, if you take the vault to a long-distance cashout station, it'll be halfway complete before another team can show up to contest it.

Skyway Stadium

(Screeshot via
(Screeshot via

Skyway Stadium is a map in The Finals that seemingly takes inspiration from the other three. You have your high rises, packed neighborhoods, and narrow corridors to fight in. If you aren't prepared, it can be a daunting combination.

The best thing you can do for Skyway Stadium is to take it slow and try to control one area. Lock down a side of the map and dominate. You'll understand the terrain and will only have to move if the objectives force you elsewhere.

The Finals map variants

An example of Tripwires and Turret (Screenshot via
An example of Tripwires and Turret (Screenshot via

There are nine map variants in The Finals. These deliver added effects to the locations, which could be helpful or detrimental depending on the situation. It's completely random, so best of luck when you load in with any of the following:

  • Standard Issue: A standard arena, ready for destruction.
  • Under Construction: Part of the arena is currently under construction.
  • Moving Platforms: Vaults or cashout stations are on platforms moving around the arena.
  • Suspended Structures: Cashout stations are suspended high above the arena.
  • Duck and Cover: The game's duck mascot crushes party of the arena and makes it off-limits.
  • Up Down Left Right: Cashout stations are either suspended or on the move.
  • High Rise: The middle section of the arena is elevated.
  • Sandstorm: Sand covers the map and clouds drastically reduce visibility.
  • Tripwires and Turrets: If you cross laser tripwires, you will trigger turrets, but you can turn the tripwires off.

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