Ready to party but error code 10011 pops-up in Party Animals? Here’s why it is happening and how to solve it.

Party Animals has players putting on their party hats and going on a deadly rampage as cute animals in this multiplayer fighter. Since the release of the game in late September, the game has provided a mixture of delight, aggression, and excuses for you to run around and hurt other players, all as cute animals.

The brawler game offers the excitement of a last-man-standing objective where you have to eliminate other players. You can hurt them by punching and kicking, or by using weapons. Best of all, you can play villain while being adorable with the selection of animal avatars.

It's another day, another night, another deadly party to attend. You are ready to kill it in today's game. But wait! A pop-up suddenly appears and puts your party to a stop. It seems like you have failed to log in and you are receiving error code 10011. But what does it mean?

Why do you get error code 10011 in Party Animals?

There are a few error codes ready to burst your bubble in Party Animals. One of them is error code 10011. If you receive this error code, it indicates a problem connecting to the Party Animals server.

Why can't you connect to the servers? There are two main possibilities.:

  • The Party Animals server itself is down because of potential issues like hardware malfunction, server overload, or maintenance.
  • You either have no internet connection, use a VPN, or have a firewall blocking the game.

How to fix error code 10011 in Party Animals

If the problem comes from the developer's side, there's nothing much you can do but wait. You can share your problems on their social media or on their application page on Steam or Xbox. Oftentimes, if the game server is down, the developer will provide an update through their social media. You can follow Party Animals Twitter page, Discord server, or Facebook page to keep up to date with the game.

Before that, it's better to check if the connection issue is indeed your problem. These are the things you can do to ensure you are connected to the game:

  • Check your internet connection and restart your router
  • Turn off your VPN
  • Check whether a firewall such as an antivirus or ad-blocker is blocking your connection

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