Is Palworld on PlayStation? cover image

Is Palworld on PlayStation?

With Palworld announced for Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass, is there any chance of it coming to PlayStation?

Palworld is a new Pokemon-like game, but with a major difference . It is more geared towards adults, with factory work, eating your Pals, and a mass of guns to use. It's available on January 19, but is Palworld coming to PlayStation consoles?

The short answer to that is no. Right now, there is no launch date for Palworld on PlayStation 4 or 5. It doesn't seem likely it will come to Nintendo Switch either. Nintendo definitely does not want this type of game to compete with Pokemon on their own system.

Palworld is not available on PlayStation

(Image via Pocketpair)
(Image via Pocketpair)

With Palworld coming to Microsoft's Game Pass for its Early Access stage, it makes sense that it won't arrive on PlayStation. In fact, the developers at Pocketpair have outright stated that there is no current intention to bring it to the Sony side of things.

In the dev's official Discord, they shared an FAQ regarding Palworld. One of the questions was regarding a PlayStation version, to which the answer stated they did not have any plans for it at the moment, but will consider it in the future.

So, there's always hope. A lot of games arrive on other consoles and platforms long into their future because of deals being struck. There's a chance Palworld comes to PlayStation systems at some point, but we haven't a clue when that could be.

What platforms is Palworld on?

(Image via Pocketpair)
(Image via Pocketpair)

If you're upset about the lack of Palworld on PlayStation 4 and 5, you can look elsewhere to get your hands on the game. Xbox systems and PC is where you'll find it:

  • PC via Steam and PC Game Pass
  • Xbox One via Game Pass
  • Xbox Series X/S via Game Pass

It arrives as a Day One addition to the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscriptions. Otherwise, you can purchase Early Access through the Steam store and dive into the wonderfully wild environment of Palworld that way.

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