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How to leave Steam Families

Here’s how to leave Steam Families – even if you have joined by accident.

Valve introduced the new Steam Families in March 2024 bringing together several existing features and adding a few new ones. One of the key features in Steam Families is more parental controls including which games children can play and what time they can play. There are limitations to how you can join or leave Steam Families. Here’s how to leave Steam Families. 

How to Leave Steam Families?

The ability to leave a Steam Family depends on your age. If you are an adult, you can leave a Steam Family at any time. You will receive a cooldown of one year before you can join a new family. They cannot create a new family during this period.

Children cannot leave a Steam Family. Only an adult (their parent or guardian in the same family) can remove them. 

Steam Families are designed to replicate real-world families. As changes in families are extremely rare, Families get a one-year cooldown on the slot before they can add new members. Steam Families are not similar to groups and users are advised to add or remove accounts with extreme caution. 

What if I accidentally left my Steam Family? Can I rejoin?

You can always rejoin the last Steam Family if you accidentally left it without waiting. However, the Steam Family should have fewer than six members when you try otherwise you will not be able to join the same.

How to join Steam Families Beta

Steam Families is still in beta and you have to go through a few short steps for the same. Here’s how you can join Steam Families Beta.

If Children have accidentally joined a new Steam family, they can contact Steam support to remove them from the said family. Since children cannot leave a family on their own, this is their only recourse to ensure a correction. You can read more about Steam Families here.

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