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Valve introduces Steam Families

Steam Families brings Steam Family View and Steam Family Sharing under one umbrella. There’s also new features in this announcement.

Valve has introduced Steam Families - a way to share, help streamline purchases and monitor your children’s gaming activities on Steam. The new feature brings some much-needed improvements to how families tend to game and at the same time have some fun. Here’s all you need to know about Steam Families. 

What is Steam Families? - Explained

Steam Families is a single location to manage the games that your family can access and when they can play. It brings together some existing features such as Steam Family View and Steam Family Sharing under one umbrella. 

With the new Steam Family feature, users can create their own families. The Families feature is ideally to mirror real-life families. So make sure to only add people that are really close to you (a.k.a real family members). 

The reason for this is that there is a one-year waiting period from when you leave your family to joining a new one. This is to ensure people don’t treat Steam Families are groups and roam from one family to another. This is quite similar to how you wouldn’t change multiple families in less than a year.

Child Purchase Requests

Image Credit: Steam
Image Credit: Steam

Another crucial feature that is a part of Steam Families is the Child Purcahse Requests. The Child Purchase requests is a feature that will go a long way in enabling better payment rates for video games. It will ensure children have a way to ask their parents to purchase a video game while at the same time ensuring more control for parents of what their children play. For game developers, this might translate into less chargebacks giving them a clearer picture of their revenue sources. 

To streamline this process, Steam Families introduces a new payment option where a child account can request an in-family adult to pay for their shopping cart. The adult can approve and pay for the purchase from their mobile device or email. Once approved, all games from the shopping cart will be added to the child's account.


Steam Families FAQ: All your Questions Answered

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