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How to join Steam Families beta

Here’s how to join Steam Families Beta.

Steam Families is a new feature that brings together all Family Sharing and Famil view settings on Valve’s Game publishing platform. The new feature also adds several new features and children can now request parents to buy them games from within Steam itself. But how exactly does one join a Steam Family. Here’s all you need to know about joining and leaving Steam families. 

How to join Steam Families Beta?

Players will need to opt in for the Steam Family Beta. The feature is currently in beta stage, which means it is available only to a select few. All members of Steam Families will need to join beta, so make sure your parents, siblings, spouse have opted in for Steam Families Beta. 

Here’s how to join the Steam Families Beta

  1. Open Steam 
  2. Click on the Steam Icon (Top left)
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Click on Interface
  5. Choose ‘Client Beta Participation’
  6. Select Steam Family Beta from Drop Down List and click ok
  7. Restart Steam

How to Leave a Steam Family

Adult users can leave a Steam Family at any point in time. However, if they wish to join another Steam Family, they will have to wait at least for a year. This is to ensure that players are not switching Steam Families without any regards. At the same time, Valve hopes for this feature to mimic a person’s real-life families and connections. 

It is quite rare to see someone ‘change families’ in real life, so the one-year cooldown period seems quite reasonable. 

Children in a Steam Family cannot leave by themselves. It is only an adult in the Steam family or Steam Support that can remove children from a family. 

Steam Family slots are also limited - currently six. Once a member leaves the Steam Family, the slot will also have a one-year cooling period.