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How to get your Steam Year in Review 2023

We’ll help you get your Steam Year in Review for 2023, showcasing your top games and the total time you spent grinding them.

We've got another end-of-year recap for you all. There's been plenty so far, but the latest is for everyone's favorite gaming library platform. You can get your Steam Year in Review for 2023 right now to see how much of your year was spent finally clearing out your backlog.

How to access your Steam Year in Review for 2023?

It is super easy to get your Steam Year in Review 2023. Just follow these simple steps to see your most-played games and how you stack up to other Steam users:

  1. If you are not automatically signed in, click to login to the page
  2. Sign in with your username and password
  3. Navigate through the page by scrolling to see your statistics for the year

You'll find a variety of categories. And the games shown at first are clickable to expand the information Steam has on them for you. You can just scroll down a bit to see those graphs, however, so you don't necessarily have to click on them.

What does the Year in Review show?

After signing in, you'll get the welcome screen. It simply says your display name and has you get ready to see your highlights. Scrolling down is where the fun begins. You'll get information for:

  • Games played and how many of them were new games
  • Achievements unlocked, across how many games, and how many of them are rare
  • Longest playing streak, in terms of days, and how many games you played within the streak
  • Top three games, percentage of playtime, and sessions played
  • How you compare in terms of the rest of the Steam community
  • A spider graph showing the genres you played
  • Number of workshop items subscribed to, new friends added, badges earned, and more
  • Playtime by month with the graph showing the amount of each game you played that month

The Steam Year in Review 2023 is one of the most comprehensive recaps. That is probably because of the sheer vastness of the platform compared to simple console reviews. At the end, you'll receive a nice thank you and the option to share it with friends or even feature it on your profile.

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