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How to get your Xbox Year in Review 2023

The time has come for you to check out your Xbox Year in Review 2023. How much fun did you have with the Microsoft family of consoles?

If you spent a lot of time playing your Xbox for the last 365 days, then you can get your Xbox Year in Review for 2023. You can take a look at your total play time, the gamerscore you earned, and so much more.

It joins a variety of platforms in sharing a recap of how your year went. From music applications to gaming consoles, everyone is hooked on knowing the amount of time they enjoyed their favorite hobby throughout 2023.

How to see your Xbox Year in Review for 2023?

If you're a fan of both PlayStation and Xbox, then the method is similar to getting your PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up. You just need to follow these simple stepsto take a gander at your statistics for Xbox in the past year:

  1. Go to the official Xbox Year in Review 2023 page of the Xbox website
  2. Sign in with the email attached to your Xbox account
  3. View your Year in Review statistics by scrolling through the page

To be honest, the Xbox version isn't as flashy as other year-end recaps, but it still gives you a great look at just exactly how your spent your 2023 gaming.

Here's what is shown

You can see a slew of highlights for your 2023 with Xbox Year in Review:

  • Lifetime gamerscore and current rewards
  • Total play time, games played, gamerscore earned, achievements unlocked, and top gameplay month
  • Your percentile placement in terms of time spent playing Xbox
  • Your most played games, broken down to show time you've spent on it and rarest achievement
  • A clickable button that takes you to the Xbox 2023 community review

Find out where you stack up with others in terms of total Xbox playtime and relive some of your fondest achievements when you view your most-played games of the year.

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