The fast travel system in Palworld allows you to jump from location to location in an instant, but only to points you’ve already found.

There's no doubt that the map of Palworld can be overwhelming at first. It doesn't reveal itself until you travel across it, but thankfully you don't have to spend your entire journey moving from Point A to Point B on a mount or by foot. There is a fast travel system in Palworld, and we'll show you how to utilize it.

How to unlock the option to fast travel in Palworld

You don't have to reach a certain level to unlock fast travel in Palworld. It requires you to approach fast travel points or create a Palbox. The Palbox is built as part of the tutorial and is how you select a location for your base.

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Then you'll be able to travel to any of the Great Eagle statues you've found. They appear as gray on your map at first, and are red in color in the world. Interact with them to turn them blue, both on your map and when you're viewing it in-person.

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In addition to that, you can unlock fast travel to the different towers across the map. These are where you face various faction bosses and their mighty Pal partners. Defeat them and the tower will become a fast travel point for you.

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How to use the fast travel system in Palworld

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After you have made your base, or bases, with the Palbox at the center, you can begin to fast travel. The same goes for when you've opened up multiple points on the map by unlocking the Great Eagle statues. Follow these steps to then initiate fast travel in Palworld:

  1. Approach your Palbox or any blue-colored Great Eagle statue
  2. Press the keybind or button prompt that appears on the Palbox or statue to open the fast travel map
  3. Select another base location or Great Eagle statue that has been found
  4. Click the transfer key or button
  5. Choose the Yes option when asked if you'd like to confirm your fast travel in Palworld

This will take you to the exact spot you selected. There's no cooldown or price to fast travel whatsoever. You just click and go, as long as you have unlocked the spot. From there, you can continue your travels in any direction you wish.

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