Dedicated servers can host up to 32 players, but for now it’s not available on all Platforms.

Palworld is best enjoyed with friends as you grow your guild and capture your pets. The ‘Pokemon with Guns’ game is available on PC as well as Xbox. You and your friends can join another server using server invite codes. But there’s a limitation, which is why you might want to create a dedicated Palworld Private server. Here’s how to create dedicated Palworld Private Servers.

How to Create a Dedicated Palworld Server on a PC?

Creating a Palworld private server allows up to 31 players to play in the server. This can be useful when you have a lot of friends you want to play with. Here’s how to set up your Palworld Private server on your PC. 

  1. Open Steam Client
  2. Go to Steam Library
  3. Click on the dropdown and ensure ‘Tools’ is checked in the options
  4. Then you can search for Palworld in the search bar on the left sidebar
  5. You will see two results. Click to install Palworld Dedicated Server
  6. Click Play Palworld Dedicated Server. This starts a Private server
  7. If you want to create a Public server, you can select ‘Open and start as a community server’. 
  8. This should open a black remote dialog box. You can enter and share your IP address here to allow players to join your server.

You might want to ensure that third-party apps or firewalls are not blocking access to your server. Please share your IP address only with people you trust, as your IP address is not something you should be sharing with random strangers on the internet.

Can we create Palworld Dedicated Servers on Consoles?

Palworld is also available on Xbox. However, the ability to create Private Dedicated servers is not yet available to players on Xbox. Pocket Pair might introduce this feature in the future, however, for now only players on Steam can create dedicated private servers.

Creating your own server also means that you need to be online at all times to keep the server live. You might want to consider third-party hosting providers for this. 

You can invite your friends over to join your Palworld Private server on the PC if you want to play with them. The dedicated server can accommodate over 32 players via this method. 

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