If you’re wondering what it will take to unlock every achievement in Palworld, wonder no more as we have the entire list of them.

Gamers love their achievements and trophies. So when a new game like Palworld releases, the hunt is on to unlock as many achievements as possible. Whether you're on Steam, Xbox, or PC through Microsoft's Game Pass, there are achievements to add to your gamerscore, and we've got them for you.

They work just like achievements do in any other title. You simply have to complete the task associated with it in-game, and the achievement is yours. They're simple, but could definitely push you to your limits if you aren't prepared.

A list of all Palworld Achievements

(Image via Pocketpair/Steam)
(Image via Pocketpair/Steam)

Since Palworld is in Early Access, and still considered under development, there aren't a ton of achievements available. There are 10 total and they do not differ depending on the platform you are on.

With many updates expected in the future, such as adding PvP and character editing, there will almost certainly be additional achievements at some point. Until then, we've got the 10 you need to unlock to perfectly complete Palworld:

  • Caught Pal for the first time
  • Defeated Zoe and Grizzbolt
  • Defeated Lily and Lyleen
  • Defeated Marcus and Faleris
  • Defeated Axel and Orserk
  • Defeated Victor and Shadowbeak
  • Caught 10 different types of Pals
  • Caught 20 different types of Pals
  • Caught 50 different types of Pals
  • Caught 90 different types of Pals

All of these Palworld achievements are very straightforward. They involve you catching Pals, of varying numbers, and defeating bosses and their Pal partners. Bosses are spread across the map and will truly test your abilities as a Pal trainer.

There are five total that provide achievements once you've bested them. Take them on with your most powerful Pals and you'll be one step closer to that 1000/1000 G or full completion to show off on your Steam profile.

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