Are you excited for Proximity Chat to come to Fortnite?

Back in 2023, it was rumored that Proximity Chat would be coming to Fortnite. Then, in the early months of 2024, leakers basically confirmed that Proximity Chat would be making its way to the popular game. But when does Proximity Chat officially come to Fortnite?

Official release date for Proximity Chat in Fortnite

While there isn't an official date for Proximity Chat to come to Fortnite, we know that the new feature will hit the game in late 2024.

Popular Fortnite leaker, Hypex, confirmed this earlier on Twitter.

Not only is Proximity Chat coming to the game, but players will also be able to utilize Text Chat in the near future.

So what is Proximity Chat?

Defining Proximity Chat

Just as it sounds, Proximity Chat is when players can chat with other players in proximity. This means that if you stumble into the same building as another player, you will be able to talk to each other.

Proximity Chat adds quite a bit of fun to games. The only problem with Proximity Chat in Fortnite is that the game is only adding it to Creative. The same goes for Text Chat.

Players hoping to utilize Proximity Chat will have to do so by joining into a Creative world. Yeah, it's not exactly what players intended when they asked for Proximity Chat, but it is still a step in the right direction.

Why is Proximity Chat only in Creative?

Proximity Chat coming exclusively to Creative has been a surprise to many Fortnite players. As to why, though, there have been no answers.

It could be a data thing. It could be that Fortnite did not want to deal with adding it to the Battle Royale. Or, it could be something completely different. We may never know.

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