Fortnite could be getting a new swinging mechanic.

It feels like yesterday when Fortnite introduced mantling. But no, that was two years ago. With so many new mechanics being added to the Battle Royale, many wonder, "What's next?" Well, it seems like we may be getting a new swinging mechanic in Fortnite.

Here is everything we know about the possible swinging mechanic coming to the game.

Fortnite leakers post about new swinging mechanic

Rejoice! Fortnite leakers have saved the day once again by giving us all the upcoming updates we Fortnite fans want to hear. One of these updates is the fact that Fortnite is planning on introducing a new swinging mechanic.

Posted by reputable leakers, such as Hypex, it seems like a swinging mechanic will come to the game soon.

But when?

Well, while there is no official release date for the swinging mechanic, we can assume it will be introduced at the beginning of Chapter 6. Fortnite never introduces large mechanics as such until a new Chapter starts.

This could be to give the Chapter a fresh start or it could be so competitive players do not have to adjust for Globals (which are happening in September).

A look at the new mechanic

While we still have little to go off of, some leakers have posted videos that give us a slight look at what the swinging mechanic will look like.

And no, before you ask, the swinging mechanic is not going to be like Grapplers or Spider-Man Gloves. The new mechanic will be more like mantling, where players can grab objects with their own hands and swing from them.

Here is the one video posted that shows a player mid-swing.

While we still have a bit of information to wait for, it looks like the new swinging mechanic could be one of the best additions to Fortnite in a while.

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