Could some of these weapons and items be returning to Fortnite this summer?

Fortnite Chater 5, Season 3 has been a hit with the community. The season is currently set to run until August 16, 2024, with many new weapons and locations for players to explore. But what about returning weapons and items? Will we see any of our favorite guns and items come back this summer?

Here is every item and weapon leaked to possibly return this summer in Fortnite.

Which items and weapons could return to Fortnite this summer?

While many new weapons and items are available for players to test out, many are hoping that some of their favorites return to the game. Going into Season 3, Fortnite vaulted a few albums, while also un-vaulting some.

But which items could return this summer?

So far, a few leakers have given us an idea of what to expect for returning items.

Returning weapons

As leaked by Hypex, the popular Twitter Fortnite leaker, there are a few incredibly popular weapons we might see return to the Battle Royale this summer.

Every weapon rumored to return to Fortnite this summer:

  • LockOn Pistol
  • Pirate Cannons
  • Flintlock
  • Combat AR

With many pirate-themed weapons returning to the game, we can only assume that these guns will be added to go along with the rumored Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration.

Returning items

While many weapons are returning to Fortnite, many classic items are also leaving the vault.

Every item rumored to return to Fortnite this summer:

  • Treasure Maps
  • Impulse Grenades
  • Rift-To-Go
  • Dynamite
  • Mini Crash Pad
  • Med Mist

Many of these items, such as Dynamite and Impulse Grenades, have not been seen in Fortnite for quite some time now. It will be interesting to see how players now choose to play with some of the re-added objects.

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