Check out this guide to learn everything you need about melee weapons in Fortnite and how to deal damage with them.

Understanding melee weapons in Fortnite is crucial following the release of Geralt of Rivia. The associated Geralt quest line is straightforward. However, to unlock the Witcher’s Steel Sword and Geralt himself, you must deal 500 damage with a melee weapon. 

This guide will help you understand what a melee weapon is in Fortnite and how you can quickly complete this challenge. 

Melee weapons in Fortnite explained

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 offers players only two melee weapons. The first is the Shockwave Hammer, your most helpful asset for the melee damage Quest. While they are more challenging to find after some tweaks by Epic Games, this should be your melee weapon of choice. There are a few spots you can check to locate a Shockwave Hammer. 

Oathbound Chest locations via Fortnite.GG
Oathbound Chest locations via Fortnite.GG

Firstly, you open Oathbound Chests in various areas across the map. However, it’s worth noting that Epic has reduced the Shockwave Hammer spawn rate. You should stumble across a Shockwave Hammer after opening these unique Chests. You can also retrieve a guaranteed Shockwave Hammer from The Ageless Champion boss, also known as Geno. 

The boss character spawns at The Citadel, and while challenging to defeat, he drops a Mythic Shockwave Hammer. If you choose not to utilize a Shockwave Hammer, you’ll need to deal 500 damage with your Pickaxe since that doubles as a Fortnite melee weapon. Your Pickaxe inflicts 20 damage per second, which may take some time. 

THE optimal strategy to complete the melee damage challenge

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

After finding a Shockwave Hammer, you have another tall task ahead. The Shockwave Hammer causes 125 damage point blank, but getting close to an enemy might be challenging in Battle Royale modes. As a result, you should queue into a Team Rumble match since you respawn in this game mode. 

Even if an opponent eliminates you in Team Rumble, the Shockwave Hammer remains in your inventory. This scenario gives you the best chance to complete the Quest promptly. You must land a point-blank hit with the Shockwave Hammer four times to reach 500 damage. 

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