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Fortnite Chapter 4: how to defeat The Ageless Champion & get the Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle cover image

Fortnite Chapter 4: how to defeat The Ageless Champion & get the Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle


Wondering where you can find the Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle and how to get it? We have you covered with this guide.

Mythic weapons are back in Fortnite Chapter 4. This concept dates back to the early days; players must defeat a boss to acquire a powerful weapon. With the introduction of the new Ex-Caliber Rifle, Epic Games included a Mythic version in Chapter 4 Season 1. The Ageless Champion boss character wields this weapon, and it’s one worth grabbing.
Today, we’ll explain where you can find the boss character to acquire the Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle and how to defeat The Ageless Champion. 

Where do I find The Ageless Champion NPC?

The Ageless Champion location
The Ageless Champion location
The new point of interest (POI) named “The Citadel'' is the stomping grounds for The Ageless Champion. You can find the location marked on the map above. Once landing at The Citadel, go into the main building and head either upstairs or downstairs; these areas are where The Ageless Champion typically roams. You should proceed cautiously, as he wields a Shockwave Hammer and devastating Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle. 

How to defeat The Ageless Champion & obtain the Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle

The Ageless Champion
The Ageless Champion
Boss characters are no joke nowadays in Fortnite Chapter 4. The Ageless Champion is no exception, as he can deal catastrophic damage if you don’t approach him wisely. Like with most bosses, you would be wise to gather materials in Battle Royale mode. Materials allow you to build boxes and protect yourself from the boss. 
However, structures may not do much to thwart The Ageless Champion’s Shockwave Hammer, which does damage and launches you far away. The best approach is to keep your distance and utilize angles where you can damage the boss, but he can’t hit you as easily. He possesses 750 health and 750 shield, so aim for the head and try to avoid close encounters and sitting in the open.
After defeating the boss, he drops the Shockwave Hammer, healing items, and the Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle. The Rifle is an effective weapon that fires a sword at your opponent, attaches to them, and detonates. You can see the weapon’s statistics below:
  • Damage per second (DPS): 121.5
  • Damage: 75 on hit and 75 on detonation
  • Magazine Size: 3
  • Fire Rate: 0.62
  • Reload Time: 4.75s
The clip above from Ali-A shows the Ex-Caliber Rifle's effectiveness. It’s one worth trying because it packs a punch and can certainly help get you a victory.
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Matthew "MJP" Pryor
Matthew "MJP" Pryor
Editor | Twitter @MJP_FN
Matt “MJP” Pryor began following esports in 2008 when Halo 3 was on top of the world. He is now a Fortnite fanatic who has watched the game’s casual and competitive development since the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. Matt plays the game often while reporting on everything from skin collaborations to tournaments and everything in between.