This guide shows you how to hire a Specialist character in Fortnite and give them a command to complete the Spring Breakout Quest.

Fortnite’s seasonal Spring Breakout event has nearly reached its conclusion. With only five days remaining, time is ticking for those looking to unlock the free Spring Breakout cosmetic rewards. A new Quest has surfaced during the event, where Fortnite players must command a Specialist character.

Here’s how you can complete this challenge, earn 20K XP, and bring yourself closer to Spring Breakout items.

What is a specialist in Fortnite, and where can I find them?

Specialists are non-player characters (NPCs) included in patch v24.10, better known as the Spring Breakout 2023 update. Four types of specialists are currently in Fortnite; Scout, Heavy, Supply, and Medical. All of these characters spawn in pre-set locations across the landscape. They offer various services, including healing items and ammunition.

The map below shows precisely where you can find every Specialist:

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

How to command a give a specialist character a command in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

To complete this challenge, we visited Longshot, but any Specialist character will work just fine. Once you’ve selected one, load into a Battle Royale or Zero Build match and land near your desired Specialist. Hire the character in exchange for Gold Bars, and you are halfway done with the Quest.

Your last step is to give the Fortnite specialist character a command, which you can do by holding left on D-pad for controller or F4 on keyboard. This action will bring up a menu with a list of Follower Comms.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Here are the commands you can give to your hired Specialist in Fortnite:

  • Move
  • Stay
  • Follow
  • Heal

The final step is to select one of the four commands, and you will see the Quest completed pop-up on your screen. As a result, you’ll receive the 20K XP reward, which counts toward your Spring Breakout 2023 Questline. 

For more on the Spring Breakout Quests and how to complete them, visit this guide. You can also check out everything new in the latest update here!

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