You can now become Magneto in Fortnite!

Fortnite's newest weapon has dropped into Chapter 5 Season 3. Following the debut of Magneto from Marvel's X-Men series in the game, Epic Games added Magneto Power. This weapon puts you into Magneto's shoes, allowing you to hurl shards of metal at your opponents. This article explains where you can find the Magneto Power in Fortnite and how they work.

How to get the Magneto Power in Fortnite

The Magneto Power spawns on the ground and in standard Fortnite Chests, making them easy to find. We dropped into a Team Rumble match and discovered a pair lying on the ground. The best advice is to drop on a spot with various Chests, and you will eventually find the Magneto Power. This item only occupies one inventory slot.

Team Rumble will be your best opportunity to acquire and use the weapon freely, so it would be wise to start there. Now that you know where to find the Magneto Power in Fortnite, we'll explain more details about the weapon, including how to use it.

How to use the new Magneto weapons

Although somewhat gimmicky, the Fortnite Magneto Power is fun and satisfying. This weapon has two options: fire upon opponents with your primary fire button or block incoming attacks with your aim-down-sight button. The primary fire button also allows you to levitate, just like Magneto. A fully charged pair includes five uses, each with its own cooldown.

Using the Magneto Power will leave you vulnerable, so there's an inherent risk if you keep them in your inventory. However, we regularly dealt 95 damage to the opponents in this Team Rumble match. It may not always be a weapon you carry, but it's a fun addition to the Chapter 5 Season 3 loot pool. Pairing the Magneto Power with the Fortnite skin will have satisfying results.

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