This is where you can find Oscar in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Oscar is one of 22 non-player characters (NPCs) that you can find roaming a specific area in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. These characters offer various services. Some allow you to hire them for a small fee of Fortnite's in-game gold currency, while others will sell you weapons and other items. Oscar, the lovable humanoid tiger, is one of these NPCs, and this article explains where you can find him on the map.

Where is the Oscar NPC in Fortnite?

Those looking to find out where Oscar is in Fortnite should head to the Classy Courts point of interest (POI) in the map's upper-right corner. He usually roams the area, but occasionally, you can find him chilling out in a beach chair. As long as no other players are in the area, locating and interacting with Oscar should be no issue.

After locating him, Oscar's dialogue tree allows you to either duel him to receive a weapon in return or to learn more about the seasonal Fortnite lore. Oscar drops Oscar's Mythic Auto Frenzy Shotgun. This weapon is solid and worth carrying. It's worth noting that Oscar possesses no Shield, making him one of the easier fights in Fortnite.

Why is Oscar still in the game as an NPC?

Oscar is one of several Battle Pass characters new to Chapter 5. In Season 1, he was a hostile boss who would attack you regardless of whether you challenged him. Two seasons later, Oscar returned to Fortnite in a reduced role, moving from Lavish Lair to Classy Courts. Although he still drops the Auto Frenzy Shotgun, he no longer carries a Medallion.

This character is relevant from a lore perspective, and those who choose to speak to him can learn more about him. He went into hiding when the gods arrived in Season 2 but has returned.

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