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Golden Chicken in Fortnite: Where to find and what they do

Here is how and where to find a Golden Chicken in Fortnite.

The Fortnite v29.10 update is now live and marks Midas's long-awaited return. The gold-influenced character is back on the Island for a limited time while he tries to figure out a way to escape. With him, Midas brought some Golden Chickens to Fortnite, which players can spot roaming around the map. This article explains where you can find these rare chickens and what they can do.

Where to find a Golden Chicken in Fortnite

The Golden Chicken is a rare animal that can be found sparingly throughout the current Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 map. However, its rarity is unknown, as we had little trouble finding one. We spawned into our first Battle Royale match and navigated to the Fencing Fields location. This spot was a natural jumping-off point to look for a Golden Chicken.

After landing at Fencing Fields, we hopped in a car and checked the area until we finally saw a shiny bird. We approached the Golden Chicken in the Fortnite match and built a box around it. You can find one in various other locations, but Frenzy Farm was generous.

What is different about this version of a Chicken?

Apart from being gold instead of white, the new chickens introduced in Fortnite v29.01 are similar. As usual, you can also utilize a Golden Chicken to traverse slowly across the Fortnite map by flying. However, there is one glaring difference between the golden and regular chicken.

Upon eliminating the gold version, it drops 350 Gold, which you can use to purchase services from non-player characters (NPCs) and items for Vending Machines. This aspect differs from the typical chickens, which only drop meat for consumption.

Although the Golden Chicken is not game-changing, it's a nice nod to Midas's return to Fortnite.

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