Non-player characters (NPCs) are back in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise. Here’s where you can find all of them.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is underway, and the non-player characters (NPCs) from previous seasons have returned. Epic Games introduced this concept in Chapter 2, where players could visit familiar Fortnite faces to begin challenges, purchase items, and even hire them for support. Subsequently, Epic ran with the idea and brought NPCs back every season since their introduction.

Today, we'll explain where you can find all the NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise. This guide could be helpful for future quests and perhaps even to aid you if you're in an unfavorable situation and desperately need an NPC to assist.

Complete list of NPCs and locations in Fortnite Season 4

Fortnite NPC map via Fortnite.GG
Fortnite NPC map via Fortnite.GG

Thanks to Fortnite.GG, we have an accurate list of NPCs in Season 4 and where you can find them. There are 22 this season, and Epic Games has spread the vast majority across the landscape. However, some characters appear in the same location, such as Jonesy The First, Castaway Jonesy, Bunker Jonesy, and Relaxed Fit Jonesy. Also, this applies to Kit and Meowscles. 

You can visit all NPCs in Fortnite Season 4 and check them off in your collection book (pictured below). Furthermore, the NPCs offer a wide range of services, including free items and the sale of weapons and items. 

The Fortnite NPC Collection Book in Chapter 3 Season 4
The Fortnite NPC Collection Book in Chapter 3 Season 4

Here is a complete list of characters this season and where you can find them:

  • Bao Bros - Ridgeline Ranger Station (Middle Map)
  • Beach Bomber - Coney Crossroads
  • Blackheart - Lustrous Lagoon
  • Bunker Jonesy - Fort Jonesy
  • Castaway Jonesy - Fort Jonesy
  • Cryptic - Rave Cave
  • Evie - Syndicate Shoals (Northeast Coast)
  • Fishstick - Sleepy Sound
  • Guaco - Greasy Grove
  • Jonesy The First - Fort Jonesy
  • Kit - Scratch Pad (West Coast)
  • Kyle - The Chop Shop (North Coast)
  • Mancake - Rocky Reels
  • Maximillian - North of Middle Map
  • Meowscles - Scratch Pad (West Coast)
  • Panther - Shimmering Shrine
  • Relaxed Fit Jonesy - Fort Jonesy
  • Rustler - Shifty Shafts
  • Sabina - Shell or High Water (North of Shifty Shafts)
  • Stash'd - Chonker's Speedway
  • Sunbird - The Temple (Northeast of Lustrous Lagoon)
  • The Underwriter - Tilted Towers

Where is Blackheart?

Blackheart in-game
Blackheart in-game

Those looking for Blackheart should head over to Lustrous Lagoon. This area, previously known as The Daily Bugle, houses the Blackheart NPC. You can find him by heading to the pirate ship floating in the sky. He sells a Prime Shotgun and Chrome Splashes.

Lastly, we must mention that the NPCs will likely change throughout the season; some may exit the game, and others might spawn throughout Fortnite Season 4. In any case, this guide should help you toward locating these NPCs for whichever reason you might need their services.

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