Fortnite’s new Chrome Splash is here… Here’s what it does and where you can find it cover image

Fortnite’s new Chrome Splash is here… Here’s what it does and where you can find it

Drench yourself in chrome with Fortnite’s latest item, the Chrome Splash. Here is what they do and where to find them.

Fortnite has added a brand new item with its new season, and it is anything but normal. The Chrome Splash is the newest addition to Fortnite.

Here is everything you need to know about this new and peculiar item.

What is the Chrome Splash? Fortnite adds its newest feature!

The Chrome Splash affects more than just the person using it. The new item features mechanics players never expected to join the game. The Chrome Splash is just another reason Fortnite remains the most innovative game out there.

The Chrome Splash item can be found at all new Chrome POIs and can be found in chests and as floor loot. The new splash chrome-ifies you for a short period of time and makes you immune to fire damage.

This is not the only feature provided by the new item. The Chrome Splashes also gives players a brand new sprinting mechanic. When cloaked in chrome, players will turn into a massive chrome blob when they sprint.

This mechanic will allow players to air-dash and even phase through other players' builds. This new mechanic makes no competitors safe on the island.

Splash yourself or your friends and dash around the map, exploiting into enemies' boxes.

Additional features of Fortnite's latest item

Fire damage immunity and air-dashing are not the only featured Fortnite added with the Chrome Splash. Players who are drenched in Chrome will officially be immune to fall damage for the time being.

This means anyone air-dashing off a mountain or building will take no damage when hitting the ground. This feature will provide an interesting aspect to competitive, as players may use this to gain height.

Whether or not Chrome Splashes will keep their current features or see a nerf is unknown, so drop off that battle bus now and make sure to explore the item's features.