Fortnite has added Chrome weapons: Here is how to obtain them cover image

Fortnite has added Chrome weapons: Here is how to obtain them

Fortnite’s new season has added a new type of weapon. The brand new Chrome weapons are making their statement. Here is everything you need to know about them.

Fortnite's Chapter 3, Season 4 is officially here, and alongside the Chrome season are some new Chrome weapons. And these new weapons are anything but normal.

Fortnite is notorious for switching up how the game is played, and with that, they have released their very own Chrome weapons. Here is everything you need to know about the new Fortnite Chrome weapons.

The Chrome Shotgun is here! Fortnite's latest addition to the loot pool is becoming a fan favorite

The new season is full of Chrome. The scientific element has paraded the island, causing a switch-up in the loot pool. As popular shotguns such as the Striker are vaulted, a new gun makes its Fortnite debut.

The EvoChrome shotgun is Fortnite's latest addition to the game. This weapon packs a punch, so be prepared when fighting someone wielding it.

The shotgun can be found in the new Chrome POIs in the official Chrome chests. These new types of chests provide players with everything needed in the Chrome world.

Make sure you drop off that Battle Bus fast as many other players are itching to grab themselves this new shotgun.

Don't sleep on the new EvoChrome Burst Rifle!

Fortnite did not stop with the EvoChrome Shotgun. As Chrome swallows the island, it also took over the AR loot pool. The new EvoChrome Burst Rifle is here and ready to send players back to the lobby.

Finding this weapon is quite easy, and literally the same as finding the EvoChrome shotgun. Drop into some of the Chrome POIs and grab your weapon quickly.

Fortnite Burst Rifle
Fortnite Burst Rifle

What is even more exciting about these new weapons is their evolution feature. Every time you inflict damage on an opponent, the rarity of the two weapons slowly increases.

Players can start out with an uncommon variety of the weapons and evolve them into a mythic just by dealing damage.

Whether or not these are the only new Chrome weapons this season will give us is unknown. As the season progresses, we may see even more items engulfed by the Chrome.