Here’s how to slide across a vehicle in Fortnite!

Fortnite's week seven Quests are now live in Chapter 5 Season 3. Players still looking to complete the seasonal Battle Pass should look no further than these challenges to earn additional experience points (XP). One Fortnite week seven Quest tasks players with sliding across a vehicle, which, if done successfully, will earn you 15,000 XP. This article explains how to complete this challenge.

How to slide across a vehicle in Fortnite

The short video above demonstrates precisely what you must do to properly slide across a vehicle in Fortnite. Your first step is to land at a spot with at least one vehicle in the area. Once you have selected a vehicle, run toward it, jump, and press your crouch button to slide across it. As you can see in the video, we jumped onto the car's hood and slid to the back, resulting in the "Quest Complete" notification.

Here's a quick recap of those steps to keep it simple:

  1. Queue into a Fortnite match.
  2. Land in an area with vehicles around.
  3. Ensure the vehicle is in an open area.
  4. Run toward the car, jump, and press your crouch button as soon as you land on the car.
  5. This combination should result in the slide animation.

Now that you know how to slide across a vehicle in Fortnite, you can add 15,000 XP to your overall level progression.

What other Quests are available in week seven?

Various other Quests live in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, for week seven. Each completed challenge earns you 15,000 XP, and most are relatively straightforward. We have provided a complete list of those below:

  • Mod a vehicle with Off-Road Tires or Bulletproof Tires (0/1)
  • Fire shots (0/500)
  • Damage opponents or vehicles while attached with a Tow Hook Cannon (0/750)
  • Eliminate opponents using a weapon with a barrel mod (0/10)

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