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Fortnite Hot Spots, Explained

Learning what a Hot spot is in Fortnite can help keep you out of danger.

Everywhere might feel like a Hot Spot in Fortnite, but it might come as a surprise to know there are actual areas of interest in Epic Games’ battle royale. 

Staying alive in a battle royale is the only way to achieve that almighty first-place spot, and keeping an eye on Fortnite’s Hot Spots is an incredibly viable way to keep yourself in the game.

Everything you need to know about Hot Spots in Fortnite

There are plenty of locations to find in Fortnite. Fortunately for gamers, Hot Spots are easy to locate once you know what to look for.

Where did Hot Spots come from in Fortnite?

Hot Spots have been around before in Fortnite. Gamers who’ve been in the battle royale landscape for quite some time might remember their addition in Season Nine. 

As time went on, these Hot Spots were removed from the battle royale experience. However, with Fortnite OG’s addition, players got to experience Hot Spots once again. Today, they remain in Fortnite and can be found in certain areas on the map.

What are Hot Spots in Fortnite?

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Fortnite’s Hot Spots are the deadliest areas to wander into once you’ve parachuted down from the Battle Bus. Players who’ve landed in a Hot Spot would likely see a Loot Carrier flying around the area. These Loot Carriers or Supply Drones provide Uncommon to Legendary items once destroyed.

These Supply Drones typically give gamers stacks of ammunition to keep them alive. Players can also expect some form of health to drop once a Supply Drone is shot down from the skies above.

What do Fortnite Hot Spots look like?

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Players can determine if an area is a Hot Spot by the gold lettering on their map, instead of the classic white coloring. 

To see what areas are Hot Spots in Fortnite, simply press up on the touchpad or respective button on your controller, or press M on your keyboard once you’ve started your battle royale. This will open your map and will show all the areas a player can land, and all the hot spots.

Once you’ve landed, you’ll see Supply Drones slowly flying around the area. Shoot them down and take the items within. Be careful, Hot Spots in Fortnite are bound to attract other players, so prepare for a fight.

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