Will OG Fortnite return in 2024? Or will we never see the popular game mode again?

The infamous question that many have been asking... "Is OG Fortnite ever coming back?" Many have wondered if Fortnite would bring back the popular game mode. During its run in November of 2023, Fortnite had reached its all-time peak of concurrent players on the game.

So this seems like a reason to bring it back, right?

Will OG Fortnite ever return? The question of the century

OG Fortnite may have only lasted around a month, but for many, it was one of the best gaming experiences of their lives. Being able to relive the old days, when life was much more simpler, was a feeling like no other.

Landing in the chaos of Tilted Towers, swinging around the map in Ballers and so much more made this season unforgettable.

Let's not forget, that Fortnite also had its highest player count in one day during this event, reaching almost 45 million players. This is higher than when Fortnite was at its peak in popularity back in the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 days.

So will OG Fortnite return?

OG Fortnite will return in 2024...

The answer is yes, OG Fortnite will return in 2024. How do we know this? Well, Fortnite literally said so.

In a tweet, Fortnite said "Ngl the OG season far exceeded our expectations. So much so that we'd like to bring it back...*opens 2024 roadmap doc*."

The proof is in the painting. With Fortnite's words resonating with the millions of players who fell in love with the game all over again during OG Fortnite, many were ecstatic to see this announcement.

Now we just have to wait and hope that the second release of OG Fortnite is everything the first was and better.

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