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Where is Winterberg in Fortnite?

Here is where you can find Winterburg in Fortnite.

Winterberg, also known as Winterburg, is a new landmark in Fortnite for the annual Winterfest celebration. This small island is hidden from plain sight. It only appears on the map once you queue into a game and start floating toward it. Winterburg is a place you will want to land during Winterfest 2023, as it contains plenty of loot and even Fortnite’s Santa Claus.

This article explains where to find Winterberg and what to expect when you land there.

Where is Winterberg in Fortnite?

As mentioned earlier, Winterburg might be challenging to locate the first time since it does not appear on the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 map pre-game. Winterburg is in Fortnite at the most northern part of the map–a presumed nod to the North Pole.

This landmark exists as a separate snow-covered island. We have marked the map above with the precise location, but again, you will want to watch Winterberg as you glide in its direction. Now that you know where to find this landmark, we’ll explain what you will find there.

What does Winterburg have to offer?

Sgt. Winter has taken residence in Winterburg for the entire Winterfest 2023 event. In previous Winterfest iterations, Sgt. Winter would traverse the island in a holiday-theme motorcade, but this year is different. You can find him roaming Winterburg, and since he is Fortnite’s version of Santa, he will gift you one free present.

While the contents inside are random, we have consistently seen Epic and Legendary weapons inside the presents. Winterburg also provides various houses, Chests, and an appealing snowy landscape to explore. Sure, you may have to rotate far to reach the Storm Circle, but the loot you will have should make up for that.

This landmark will remain in-game until the conclusion of Winterfest 2023, so be sure to check it out!

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