Head to an Oasis Pool to restore your HP and Shield!

A new Fortnite Quest emerged in week two of Chapter 5 Season 3, tasking players to heal themselves in an Oasis Pool. You must heal yourself using an Oasis Pool for 150 effective HP, including Health, Shield, or both, to complete this challenge. Although it sounds straightforward, Oasis Pools heal rather slowly, but this guide will help you locate all Fortnite Oasis Pools and complete this Quest.

Every Fortnite Oasis Pool location

Image Credit: Fortnite.GG
Image Credit: Fortnite.GG

The image above from the Fortnite.GG website showcases every Oasis Pool location on the current map. You can find all Oasis Pools on the southern portion across the newest points of interest (POIs) added in Chapter 5 Season 3.

Oasis Pools are just small bodies of water, with some containing Chests and Launch Pads. However, for the purposes of the week two challenge, you must utilize the Oasis Pool's healing properties. Each pool will slowly restore your HP or Shield over time.

How to strategically complete the Oasis Pool Quest

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Since you spawn in with 100 Health and zero Shield, this Quest forces you to be creative. After landing at a hopefully uncontested Oasis Pool location, the water will instantly begin healing you. This will happen slowly over time, but you should be in the clear as long as there are no enemies.

However, things become tricky when you reach 100 Health and 100 Shield. We built a ramp and sustained fall damage to resolve this momentary inconvenience. Then, we re-entered the pool and healed until we completed the Quest.

Any of the Fortnite Oasis Pool locations mentioned earlier should suffice. However, the one southeast of Redline Rig was empty. The optimal choice may depend on your Battle Bus path, so use your best judgment.

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