Best Landing Spots in Fortnite

Here’s our top Fortnite landing spots past and present.

In today’s esports community the battle royale genre has become one of the biggest draws in the competitive gaming community. In these one-life winner-take-all-style games, the place in which you land on the map is important. At one point in time, Fortnite’s most popular landing area was Tilted Towers. Not so much for its bountiful supply of loot but because at least 45 of the 100 players dropped there, making it into a proving ground of sorts.

Since then, Fornite has expanded and players have gotten significantly better and because of that, finding the right landing spot can assist with the outcome of a game. Here are the six best landing spots currently in Fortnite.

#6 Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp was introduced to us at the beginning of Chapter 2. The name speaks for itself, this is a place that allows a player to quickly max out their shield. Slurpy Swamp has numerous slurp barrels to destroy, however, the coolest part of this map is the water that surrounds the area. The water is infused with Slurp Juice, which can help max out a shield quickly. This swamp has chests to loot and you can get a full shield quickly but it is out of range from the center of the map so it keeps you out of the action that occurs more in the center of the map. Slurpy Swamp is a great place to get yourself prepared to fight. 

#5 Compact Cars

Compact Cars is another great landmark to drop at in Fortnite because there are a large number of vehicles here. The area does not have a ton of loot and features, but there are loads of mechanical gears to farm at this location which can be used to upgrade your weapons. Compact Cars lands at five on this list because it is a remote location that does not actually show up on the map and it is not very big. This area is still a great place to drop because the likelihood of you encountering a player is slim and, like Slurpy Swamp, this a great place to set yourself up at.

#4 Colossal Crops

Fortnite has introduced new locations in Season 6 and one of the best is Colossal Crops. This place has a great variety of loot and a lot of cover thanks to the crops that surround the area. Due to its location, Colossal Crops gives the player a considerable amount of rotation options as the storm shrinks the maps. New locations will always bring players to the area out of curiosity but Colossal Crops do not get as populated as one would think thanks to places like ‘The Spire’ being in the area. 

#3 Flush Factory

Just southeast of Slurpy Swamp is Flush Factory. Most seasoned Fornite players are familiar with this location. In Chapter 2 Season 5 Flush Factory has returned to the game as an unmarked location. The biggest draw to this area is the NPC “Bandolette”. The NPC in this area will upgrade the rarity of your weapon and she also sells Mechanical Parts. Flush Factory is also home to nine potential chests and seven additional mechanical parts making it a highly undervalued landing spot.

#2 Craggy Cliffs

Craggy Cliffs was known at the start of Chapter 2 as the place where players could buy a Chug Cannon. However, in Season 5 players took a hit because they no longer had access to this notorious support weapon. Even with the loss of a great item, Craggy has 20 potential chests, 5 mechanical parts, Slurp Barrels, and fishing spots. Even though crafting is lacking in the area, it is made up for with an NPC that upgrades weapons. This area is not all glitz and glam as some of the other places but it will always be solid to get a player prepared for a Victory Royale.

#1 Dirty Docks

The best location to land in Season 6 is Dirty Docks. This area is bountiful with loot and mechanical parts. You’d hard-pressed to find a better location. This area has plenty of mobility with vehicles and fishing spots. Not only that, ‘Tess’ the NPC will give you a rare assault rifle in exchange for gold bars. Dirty Docks houses potentially 35 chests and 31 mechanical parts with a guaranteed epic assault rifle. Dirty Docks is clearly the peak of Fortnite landing spots and makes the road to Victory Royale a lot easier.