The third and final movie to the X series has officially gotten a trailer.

If you are a fan of Ti West's X trilogy, which includes X and Pearl, then you have definitely heard of MaXXXine, the third and final movie in the series. With a new trailer now out for people to see, many are already gearing up for an epic horror adventure.

Here is everything know so far about MaXXXine, including a release date, plot and more.

MaXXXine release date

As of now, there is no official release date for MaXXXine. Luckily, though, the fact that there is a full trailer already online shows that it should be released within the next year.

Hopefully, the movie ends up dropping in 2024, allowing fans of the trilogy to not have to wait any longer.


The official trailer for MaXXXine dropped back on April 8, 2024, shocking fans everywhere. The long-awaited movie has been in production for quite some time now, and many have been waiting in anticipation since the release of Pearl.

The trailer gives fans a good look at what to expect without revealing too much about the story. There will be quite a bit of unexpected horror that will come along with viewing MaXXXine.


The new a24 movie packed quite a bit of action just into the trailer, but the plot is still somewhat unknown.

What we do know, is that the movie follows the events of X. Adult film star, Maxine Minx, was the sole survivor of a horrific chain of murders that happened on a film set way out in the country. Now, back in Hollywood, trying to get her start as an actual actress, it seems like her past is attempting to catch up with her.

While the trailer hints at quite a bit of bloodshed, horror and action, it does not give us a great representation of what to expect plot-wise. What we do know, though, is that a mysterious killer is stalking her.

Her past is briefly mentioned in the trailer, leading us to believe that something from the events of X will come back to bite her.

Cast list

Here is the official cast list for MaXXXine:

Mia GothMaxine
Elizabeth DebickiUnknown
Lily CollinsMolly
James HunterDead Parishioner
Moses SumneyUnknown
Michelle MonaghanUnknown
Kevin BaconPrivate Investigator
Giancarlo EspositoUnknown
Chloe FarnworthAmber
Bobby CannavaleLAPD detective
Sophie ThatcherUnknown
Uli LatukefuShepard
Ned VaughnUnknown
Deborah GeffnerElaine
Clayton FarrisUnknown
Zachary MoorenActor
Daniel LenchProducer
Pegah RashtiMaitre D'
Jutt DaReProtester

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