The fifth installment of the beloved Toy Story series will release in 2026.

We can smell the nostalgia coming from afar. Pixar announces the next installment of the widely popular series, Toy Story 5, and its official release date. Fans of the classic animation can expect the film to drop two years from now. Here's Toy Story 5's official release date and what we can expect in its plot.

When is the release date for Toy Story 5

Toy Story 5 is scheduled to release on June 19, 2026 across United States. The complete set of release dates for other countries have yet to be announced.

What is the plot for Toy Story 5

The plot or direction for Toy Story 5 is so far unknown. But let's rewind back to the previous Toy Story and find clues to what the next installment will show.

Toy Story 4 was the latest addition in the franchise, released in 2019. The plot highlights Woody's solo adventure as he discovers life outside of the toy routine he is adjusted to. He founds the moments thrilling and it didn't help that Woody didn't feel as loved by Bonnie as he was from his previous owner, Andy.

During this adventure, Woody reunited with his long lost friend, Bo Peep, who would eventually become his love interest. With Bo Peep, he tasted the life of "Lost Toys", toys who don't have owners and are free to do whatever they want.

(Image courtesy of Disney)
(Image courtesy of Disney)

At the end of the film, Woody made the decision to begin a new chapter in his life, becoming a part of the "Lost Toys" together with Bo Peep. He had an emotional farewell with his long-time toy squad including his best friend, Buzz Lightyear.

(Image courtesy of Disney)
(Image courtesy of Disney)

The ending of Toy Story 4 sets up two possible storylines for the fifth installment. The plot for Toy Story 5 will likely focus on Woody's new life with Bo Peep as a toy without an owner. Pixar could also re-center the story to the Buzz Lightyear squad to showcase their adventures without Woody.

In Toy Story 4, Woody passed his Sheriff badge to Jessie and this might indicate the story moving to Jessie's perspective. But who knows, the next Toy Story might just introduce an entirely new set of characters as we move away from the old generation.

Cast list

At the time of writing, Pixar has not mentioned the cast for Toy Story 5, though we can expect plenty of previous characters to make their return.

With the film scheduled to go out a far two years from now, there aren't many details released. But make sure to keep your eyes peeled as the studio gradually unveils more information.

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