Bad Boys 4: Everything we know (Trailer, cast list and more) cover image

Bad Boys 4: Everything we know (Trailer, cast list and more)

The boys are officially back at it.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back in the new Bad Boys 4 movie, titled "Bad Boys: Ride or Die." The popular action comedy series has been a hit since the first movie hit theaters back in 1995.

Here is everything we know about Bad Boys 4, including the trailer, cast list and more.

Bad Boys 4: Release date

Luckily, theaters are not too far from releasing the new Bad Boys 4 movie.

Bad Boys 4 official release date:

  • June 7, 2024

Bad Boys 4: Trailer

The internet has been blessed with a full-length trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die, and many are already expecting it to be a hit at the box office. The popular comedy-action series has always done extremely well with viewers, allowing for the newest one to be just as big.

From what we know just from the trailer, the two popular cops are officially on the run, after they set out to try and clear their chief's name.

IMDB's description simply says: "Miami's finest end up on the run." This truly suffices to prepare fans for a movie brimming with laughs and action.

Cast list

The online reveal has already unveiled the entire cast list, with quite a few big names appearing in Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Here is the official top cast list for Bad Boys: Ride or Die, the fourth installment in the Bad Boys series.

Will Smith
Mike Lowrey
Martin Lawrence
Marcus Burnett
Vanessa Hudgens
Alexander Ludwig
Paola Núñez
Captain Rita Secada
Eric Dane
Ioan Gruffudd
Jacob Scipio
Jacob Scipio
Melanie Liburd
Melanie Liburd
Tasha Smith
Tiffany Haddish
Joe Pantoliano

Every Bad Boys movie and its release date

Bad Boys has been a franchise since the mid-90s, making it a classic amongst filmgoers. Both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith have been a household name within the film industry for years now. This will make Bad Boys 4 and even bigger feat for the two.

Here is every Bad Boys movie with the date they were originally released.

Release Date
Bad Boys
April 7, 1995
Bad Boys II
July 18, 2003
Bad Boys for Life
January 17, 2020
Bad Boys: Ride or Die
July 7, 2024

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