Disney releases official trailer for The Acolyte cover image

Disney releases official trailer for The Acolyte

The Star Wars universe just got a bit bigger.

Disney has officially dropped its first look at the long-awaited upcoming Star Wars show, The Acolyte. The popular series, taking place during the High-Republic era, gives us a brand new Star Wars timeline to explore, exciting fans around the world.

Here is a breakdown of the official trailer for The Acoylte released by Disney.

The Jedi are being hunted in The Acolyte trailer released by Disney

Throughout the last few decades, the majority of Star Wars content has explored either the Skywalker Saga or different characters alive during the Skywalker Saga. The Acolyte is one of our first looks into a completely different era of Star Wars, the High-Republic era.

While we have not necessarily had any movies or TV shows made covering this era of Star Wars, there are many books that encompass the popular universe during this time.

Now, though, Disney is finally taking a shot at producing content for the High-Republic era. The Acolyte, being the first of its kind, has already gotten fans extremely excited with its debut trailer that was released today (March 19, 2024).

So when does The Acolyte take place in the Star Wars universe? Well, we do know that the High-Republic Era started about 500 years before the Skywalker Saga began, with The Acolyte being on the tail end of the High-Republic Era.

This concludes that The Acolyte takes place around 100 years before the birth of Anakin Skywalker.

So what is The Acolyte about?

A big question for more casual Star Wars fans, is what exactly is The Acolyte about? Well, just from the trailer, we can get a pretty easy answer for that.

During the time of the High-Republic Era, the Jedi Order was extremely prominent. Many Jedi were spread out across the galaxy, serving to protect others. In The Acolyte's trailer, we get a glimpse of this, as many young Jedi are going through training, while we also see a plethora of fully-grown Jedi fighting throughout.

The story follows the Jedi Order, as they are being hunted by an unknown figure.

The Acolyte serves as an intro to the fall of the Jedi Order, just 100 or so years before it actually happens, giving Star Wars fanatics a new look at the Star Wars universe.

The Acolyte releases on Disney+ on June 4, 2024, with the first two episodes premiering simultaneously.

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