After Marci, we might see another DOTA: Dragon’s Blood character join the game. Here’s why Fymryn is the perfect fit.

On August 11, Studio Mir’s Book 3 of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood was released and fans loved the story. In this third and possibly final season, we got to see the story develop and more fast-paced action came through. One of the most prominent characters of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is Fymryn, a kind-hearted elf who wanted to fulfill a prophecy for the sake of her people. Unlike most other characters, she is not a part of the Dota 2 heroes lineup. But with her interesting abilities shown throughout the season, she might just be our next Dota 2 hero.

We have seen it before and we might see it again. When the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood series debuted its Book 1, everyone fell in love with Marci. The silent company for Mirana quickly became the talk of Dota town last year. Marci’s charming whistles, adorable character, and powerful fists made their way into the Dota 2 game client.

With the culmination of Book 3 of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, there are high chances the next Dota 2 hero will be from the Dota 2 anime. There are a couple of possible candidates. We might see Filomena or Kaden, or even Bram. But Fymryn is particularly interesting.

Who is Fymryn?

Fymryn of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

Fymryn is an elf who wanted to bring her lost goddess Mene. She is of the Coriel’tauvi faction who lived peacefully with her race in Coedwig.But she wants to bring back Mene and fullfil the prophecy. She is a rare elf blessed with abilities. With these abilities, she managed to steal Mene’s Lotuses from the Nightsilver Woods, once their home before taken over by Selemene. She brought the Lotuses to the Invoker, who is the only person wise and intelligent enough to bring Mene back to life. As the seasons unfold, her body became the vessel for Mene and she became the goddess Mene herself. 

What are Fymryn’s abilities?

Throughout the seasons, Fymryn has shown her unique abilities. These powers look like they can be integrated into the Dota 2 game client.

She is a suitable Agility hero because her powers and her physique are flexible and elusive. Her abilities showcased in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood are shapeshifting, camouflaging, spawning illusions, and teleporting.

In the first season, Fymryn first showed how she was able to camouflage to steal the Lotuses right under Mirana’s nose.

Fymryn uses her disguise ability.

However, her voice remains the same in shapeshift form and her real voice exposed her disguise. With a fast and elusive figure, she was able to run from Mirana and Marci. She used her ability to spawn illusions to dodge and deceive her enemy. According to Fandom’s Dota 2 Wiki, she can spawn up to 15 illusions but it doesn’t copy what her real self is currently wielding.

Fymryn uses her illusion ability.

Her illusion ability was put to use once again when she saved Davion from Father, who was possessed by Terrorblade.

Fymryn’s illusions attacking Father who has been possessed by Terrorblade.

She used her teleport ability a couple of times, one of them was in this specific scene where she teleported with Father outside of the building. However, her teleport is short-distanced. And her final ability is that she is able to camouflage and make herself disappear.

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