Transform Dragon Knight into a Griffin Knight with this new set!

Crownfall Act II arrives with an entirely new map of The Deserts of Druud! Alongside new quests, there are also plenty of new rewards. One of the most exciting rewards is the Mythical Dragon Knight "Griffin Knight" hero set! So how does the set look like and how do you unlock it?

A look at the Dragon Knight "Griffin Knight" set

The Dragon Knight "Griffin Knight" looks absolutely amazing! It decorates Dragon Knight in new armor with different colors depending on which Facet you choose. If you choose the "Fire Dragon" Facet, your Dragon Knight will be in red theme. The "Corrosive Dragon" Facet will color your Dragon Knight green, meanwhile the "Frost Dragon" Facet colors the hero blue.

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The most exciting part of the "Griffin Knight" set is definitely Dragon Knight's ultimate remodel. Instead of turning into a dragon, the hero will transform into a griffin, a mythical creature that portrays a half-eagle and a half-lion. Take a look at its Griffin form below!

For your information, Hero Facet is a completely new mechanic in Dota 2 that came alongside Patch 7.36. Take a look at Dragon Knight's Facets below!

How to unlock the Dragon Knight "Griffin Knight" set

To get the Dragon Knight "Griffin Knight" set, you must complete the Main Quest of Crownfall Act II. At the "FINISH" line, you'll earn a couple of rewards including the "Griffin Knight" set, a Crownfall Act 2 Completionist medal, and two mini-profile decorations.

Fortunately for funny hat lovers, completing the Main Quest is completely free! You don't have to spend a single buck to get your hands on the unique Dragon Knight set. In order to get it, you just have to play and win plenty of pub games, collect tokens, and progress on the map.

Unlock more Griffin Knight-themed cosmetics

While the default set is free, you can get additional cosmetics for the Dragon Knight "Griffin Knight" set with extra payment. You can get the Griffin Knight "Toxic Frostburn Weapon" which includes ambient effects, via the The Broken Belt Side Quest.

Dragon Knight's "Griffin Knight" - Toxic Frostburn Weapon.
Dragon Knight's "Griffin Knight" - Toxic Frostburn Weapon.

You can also get another Griffin Knight cosmetic, the "Toxic Frostburn Shield" via The Ruins of Barzum Side Quest. This includes not only ambient effects but also a new Taunt animation!

Dragon Knight's "Griffin Knight" - Toxic Frostburn Shield.
Dragon Knight's "Griffin Knight" - Toxic Frostburn Shield.

More rewards in Crownfall Act II

In the previous Act I, you can do the same on its map and earn a Mythical Invoker set! There are a lot more rewards to unpack in Crownfall Act II. We'll be getting music packs, a ton of unique loading screens, more hero sets, cosmetics, emoticons, and MORE.