Here’s a detailed episode-by-episode recap of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2.

It has been 10 days after the release of DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 2, an action-packed series of 8 episodes on Netflix. The show squeezes in a TON of Dota 2 lores and in-game references and it was definitely an enjoyable series. For those who didn't get to catch up on the latest season, don't worry, we got you covered.

Before you proceed, do bear in mind that this article contains MAJOR SPOILERS so read at your own risk!

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A full episode-by-episode Dragon's Blood Book 2 recap

Episode 1 - Nothing with Nothing

Picking up where Season 1 left off, Selemene is now powerless, and Invoker revealed his plans to resurrect their daughter, Filomena.

Davion the Dragon Knight was kept as a prisoner in Dragonhold to remove Slyrak out of him but the Father had other intentions - he wanted to weaponize Davion’s blood to slay all dragons. But after consuming Davion's blood, Terrorblade possessed Father, also unleashing a swarm of wyrmlings to attack Dragon Hold.

Father possessed by Terrorblade - Dragon's Blood Book 2
Father possessed by Terrorblade - Dragon's Blood Book 2

Meanwhile, Mirana and Luna lead the army of Nightsilver Woods and prepared for their battle against the Coedwei elves. All this while a bounty hunter, Vinari was keeping a close eye on Mirana.

Episode 2 - My Sword, My Life

Fymryn, who had spied on Father, rescued Davion from his prison. The wyrmling attack caused many members of the Dragon Hold to die and Davion’s squad - Kaden, Bram, and, Fymryn, was rescued by Auroth and Rylai.

Auroth and Rylai rescue Davion's troop - Dragon's Blood Book 2
Auroth and Rylai rescue Davion's troop - Dragon's Blood Book 2

Mirana and Luna survived the battle against the Coedweis but Luna was heavily wounded. They sought hospitality from the Uplands (an ally of Nightsilver Woods) but it turned out to be a trap. Vinari, who worked for Mirana’s uncle, was there to kidnap her and bring her to the Helio Imperium, Mirana’s home.

Episode 3 - The Lady of Situations

Rylai and Auroth brought Davion and his friends to Icewrack, where they reside. With the presence of The Ore (an ancient relic), Davion got in touch with Slyrak. Slyrak informed him that the Pillars had fallen (all their souls had been captured by the Invoker) and only Davion/Slyrak remained. Davion must search for the Eye of the Eldwyrm which would allow Slyrak to enter the Foulfel (Terrorblade’s realm) and kill Terrorblade.

Mirana, Luna, and Marci were separated. Mirana met her uncle, the now-Emperor of Helio Imperium. He told Mirana that the place is in chaos and the people needed unity, which he wanted to solve by their marriage. She also met an old friend, Viceroy Kashurra who had been by Mirana’s side since she was a child.

Mirana and Viceroy Kashurra - Dragon's Blood Book 2
Mirana and Viceroy Kashurra - Dragon's Blood Book 2

Luna was thrown into a prison, where she met Nico Hieronimo, a character of the same species as the Pangolier (a Dota 2 hero). Both of them became good fighting partners.

Episode 4 - Desolate and Empty the Sea

Fymryn departed from Icewrack to defend the people in danger from the Coedwei’s attack. Kaden also left the squad, leaving Bram a Portal Scroll in case they needed him. To find the Eye, Rylai told the squad - Davion, Bram, and Auroth to find her sister Lina at the Imperium. After meeting up with Lina, they discussed how to get the Emperor’s approval to see the Eye.

Mirana accepted the Emperor’s marriage proposal but with the condition of army control. In the meantime, Luna and Nico escaped from prison and stumbled upon Davion’s squad. They looked for Mirana and as soon as they reunited, Vinari (the Bounty Hunter)’s arrow struck her heart. Luna and Nico immediately went in pursuit of the assassin. 

Mirana and Luna reunites - Dragon's Blood Book 2
Mirana and Luna reunites - Dragon's Blood Book 2

Episode 5 - The Burial of the Dead

The Invoker told Selemene that he planned for Fymryn to assume Mene’s lost goddess position.

Mirana, who should’ve died from the shot, went into a state of ‘coma’. In her unconscious state, Mirana had flashes from her past, showing her relationship with her parents, the Viceroy, and how she met Marci when she was a child.

Mirana had flashes of her childhood, including Marci - Dragon's Blood Book 2
Mirana had flashes of her childhood, including Marci - Dragon's Blood Book 2

When Mirana was a teenager, the Imperium went under attack and both her parents died. Mirana was almost captured and Marci, who suddenly attained a form of power from Mirana, rescued her. They fled and sought protection in the Nightsilver Woods.

Back to the present, Davion proceeded to ask Emperor Shabarra for his permission to see the Eye, but his request was denied. Davion raged and transformed into his half-dragon form. He attacked the Emperor and eventually killed him.

An angry Davion/Slyrak before killing Emperor Shabarra - Dragon's Blood Book 2
An angry Davion/Slyrak before killing Emperor Shabarra - Dragon's Blood Book 2

Luna and Nico, after encountering the assassin, reunited with Marci and Sagan (Mirana’s mount). It was revealed that Marci, who was detained with the other Nightsilver Wood soldiers, managed to escape from the Imperium’s captivity.

Episode 6 - The Hyacinth Girl

Davion, now fully possessed by Slyrak, went on a Rampage in the Imperium, but Lina’s power managed to pull Davion back to human form. Both of them then tried to use the Eye, but nothing happened; which led Davion to believe it was a fake.

The Imperium was set to select a new regent, and Lina pushed herself forward. Mirana, who became conscious under immense sunlight, showed herself and claimed the throne. However, after a vote, Lina became the chosen ruler of the Imperium.

Lina challenges Mirana's throne - Dragon's Blood Book 2
Lina challenges Mirana's throne - Dragon's Blood Book 2

Luna and Nico, after a long pursuit, met with Mirana and told her that Lina was the one who hired her assassin.

Episode 7 - The Violet Hour

Viceroy Kashurra confronted Lina, angry at her attempt to kill Mirana. They fought and the Viceroy revealed his strong power to end Lina's life. Davion’s squad found out the Viceroy had killed Lina and he revealed his true form, an Eldwyrm called Byssrak.

Mirana, Marci, and Bram face the Byssrak - Dragon's Blood Book 2
Mirana, Marci, and Bram face the Byssrak - Dragon's Blood Book 2

At the same time, the Invoker brought Fymryn to his place and told her his plans - that she would be the goddess Mene reborn. Fymryn met Selemene. The goddess pretended to be remorseful and Fymryn fell sympathy - carelessly bringing her near flowers that helped her regain back her powers.

Episode 8 - Unreal City

Selemene approached Luna's troop but Luna rejected her and fought for Mirana.

Meanwhile, Viceroy Kashurra revealed his true nature - an Eldwyrm gone rogue. Auroth attempted to protect her friends but died in the hands of the powerful Byssrak. 

In the meantime, Davion spoke to Slyrak and found out that the Eye was actually Mirana herself, a Worldwyrm made-flesh - but she had yet to discover her true nature.

Bram summoned Kaden to fight alongside Slyrak. It was, however, a one-sided battle as the powerful Byssrak completely incapacitated them. Byssrak returned to human form and searched for Mirana. The Viceroy revealed that he was a dragon of darkness that hunted for a meaning in life - which he concluded to be the source of light. He wanted to awaken the dormant powers inside of Mirana so he can reconcile with the Sun.

Marci attempted to fight the Viceroy but to no avail. The Viceroy lost his patience and killed Marci - which tormented Mirana and triggered her true Worldwyrm form. The Viceroy embraced her powers, delighted to see the Sun, and disintegrated. The whole Imperium shone brightly and everyone grieved the loss of Marci. 

Mirana's true nature - Dragon's Blood Book 2
Mirana's true nature - Dragon's Blood Book 2

POST-CREDIT SCENE: Fymryn confronted the Moon goddess, Selemene. She looked into her eyes as Selemene asked, "Do you love me?"

AND THAT'S IT! Dragon's Blood Book 2 didn't really end on a positive note but it was definitely a fun experience. There are still a lot of unanswered questions and it makes us wonder, will there be a Book 3? So far, there are no official announcements about a continuation, but the post-credit scene certainly hints towards something. So we should keep an eye out!

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