DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2 introduced a lot of new characters and among them is Auroth. Who is she and what’s her story? Spoilers ahead!

The highly-anticipated DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2 has just been released! This time around, the season is fully action-packed, as they bring the audience through multiple storylines. But there was one character in particular that caught the attention of many, and that is the blue dragon, Auroth.

Who exactly is Auroth, and what is her story?

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.

Auroth in Dragon’s Blood Book 2

Dragon’s Blood Book 2 – Auroth appears to rescue Davion and his friends.

Any Dota 2 player would immediately recognize Auroth as the Winter Wyvern – a huge blue dragon and a close buddy of Rylai the Crystal Maiden. Throughout the show, she shows a peculiar sense of humor and an intense passion for poetry. She’s able to transform into a human and has powers of her own. Auroth built a close relationship with Bram, Davion’s former squire, and has assisted Davion’s squad throughout their journey in the show.

Auroth’s history

She told a portion of her history to Davion and his friends: She was an eldwurm, an ancient dragon. Not to be confused with the Eldwurms (spelled with a big ‘E’) which are among the eight Pillars of Creation.

Her life changed when she discovered The Ore, an ancient relic that no one really understood what it was. As said by Auroth herself,

“Some say The Ore and its crimson opposite are the stuff of gods and demons. Others believe them to be remnants of a vast and timeless primordial mind.”

The Ore

Auroth, oblivious to its power, kept The Ore as a treasure and began to have dreams of humans and dragons at peace. Slowly, her “dragon voice” faded and she lived in solitude; that was when she picked up a passion for poetry and books. One day she had a dream of The Thunder (the Eldwurms which are the Pillars of Creation) and she woke up from her sleep to find herself in human form – but she’s still able to transform into a dragon.

Dragon’s Blood Book 2 – Auroth in human form.

She has great powers that helped her friends throughout their journey. While in dragon form, she showed that she can create a large ice wall with her dragon’s breath. In her human form, she also showed her healing power (Cold Embrace anybody?) which she used to heal Bram and Mirana.

Dragon’s Blood Book 2 – Auroth using her healing power

The Winter Wyvern, however, had an ill fate in Book 2’s final episode. In an attempt to protect her friends, she died in the hands of a raging Byssrak.

Winter Wyvern’s Dota 2 lore

Dragon’s Blood followed closely to the original lore of the Winter Wyvern. She is a dragon that loves poetry and dedicates herself to writing and collecting books – but often gets distracted with research expeditions. And according to Mercurial (or known as Spectre), Auroth is the oldest eldwurm.

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