Here are all the Dota 2 heroes we know that appear in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2!

On 18th January, we were blessed by the arrival of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2. Despite the unannounced delay and a multitude of bad news hitting the Dota community, we finally got to sit down and enjoy some fun content from the Dota universe. 

There was certainly a lot of effing dragons and crazy fast pacing throughout the season that possibly overwhelmed us. There were also a couple of heroes from Dota that made their appearances, some obvious, some not. So check out this list to see if you’ve missed any!

And mind you, this article contains SPOILERS, so read at your own risk!

New Dota 2 heroes in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2

Book 1 heroes still appear in the second book. There is the main guy, Davion the Dragon Knight whose soul is binded with one of the Eldwurms, Slyrak. Princess Mirana continues her battle alongside Luna, which both were later separated. Invoker is still in contact with Terrorblade, and holds on to his revenge against his former lover, Selemene. Marci.. well, she’s Marci.

Let’s get to the new Dota 2 heroes in the newly arrived season!

Auroth the Winter Wyvern

Winter Wyvern in Dota vs Auroth in Dragon’s Blood Book 2

One of the earliest Dota hero appearances in Book 2 is the Winter Wyvern – called Auroth in the series. She rescued Davion and his squad from the wyrmling swarm and brought them to her lovely, tasteful, and very cold lair. We learned that she is obsessed with poetry and writes her own verses. But wait- a dragon writing poems? Yes, she can transform into a human to do so. 

Auroth built a close relationship with Bram – maybe because she finds him an adorable dork, or a helpless mouse, or both. She has healing powers and an odd sense-of-humor, but her peculiar personality makes her such a lovable character.

Rylai the Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden in Dota vs Rylai in Dragon’s Blood Book 2

The Crystal Maiden appeared together with Auroth the Winter Wyvern when they saved Davion’s squad from the wyrmling attack. She knows the Dragon Knight, Kaden and his history in Leathsham.

Rylai came from the Helio Imperium but resides in Auroth’s cave. As most lore fans know, she is not on good terms with her sister Lina, which is likely the reason she didn’t tag along with the squad to the Imperium. 

Lina the Slayer

Lina in Dota vs Lina in Dragon’s Blood Book 2

Her appearance was exposed in the trailers but she didn’t come into the show until a couple of episodes in. Lina appeared when Davion and his squad needed someone to bring them to the Emperor of the Imperium and her sister, Rylai sent them her way. She is a powerful being, the embodiment of fire herself, who can even pull Davion out of his Slyrak form. 

In a battle long ago, the legion of the Emperor was struggling to fight against the arachnid army, and Lina appeared to easily wipe out the enemies.The people of Imperium called her the name Slayer and the Emperor wanted to award her – but it was obvious she didn’t like him, nor the governance of the Helio Imperium.

She expressed her vision to Davion, wishing for a change in governance. She desired a republic instead of royalties. And we later discover that Lina went to the lengths of hiring an assassin to murder Mirana just to see the Emperor abdicate, but her plan failed. 

Pangolier – ish

Pangolier in Dota vs Nico Hieronimo (same race) in Dragon’s Blood Book 2

Not to be confused with a turtle, the show introduced a creature of Pangolier’s species, easily recognized from his looks and his distinct accent. Called Nico Hieronimo, he appeared as Luna’s cellmate in a prison, showing intense admiration to Luna’s ferocity. Although he isn’t exactly the Pangolier from Dota, he comes from the same clan, Nivan Gallants. According to the lore, Nivan Gallants is an organization of pangolin-like race, who live for swordplay, romance, and adventure. 

In the show, despite Luna’s constant annoyance against the presence of the pangolin, they work well together and become fighting partners. An intelligent, calm, and a smooth-talker, there is not much known about the background of Nico Hieronimo.

Crixalis the Sand King

Sand King in Dota vs Sand King in Dragon’s Blood Book 2

There was a brief appearance of Sand King leading the arachnid army in a battle against the Helio Imperium. Although to be specific, the lore says Sand King isn’t an individual but the desert itself – he only takes the scorpion-like form for better communication with mundane creatures. In the show, Sand King’s battle against Lina ended short after he was  literally one-shotted by the Slayer..  

Hopefully we could see Sand King do better next game.

While these are the evident heroes we could see in the second season, there are theories of other heroes in Dragon’s Blood Book 2. Some say Vinari, the bounty hunter might be related to Medusa.. some say Riki is in all the episodes but we just can’t see him.. Well, we have a LOT of time to figure it out.

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