There’s multiple ways to mute players and even all enemies or players in CS2.

With CS2’s official launch in September 23, thousands of new players finally have access to the game. Counter-Strike 2 brings a lot of improvements over its predecessor. But even as tens of thousands of players are trying out the new game, players will also encounter toxicity in the game. Here’s how to mute players in CS2. 

How to mute players in CS2?

There are two main methods of muting players in CS2 - via the Scoreboard and via the game’s settings. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to mute players with each method.

Mute CS2 players via scoreboard

You can mute players in CS2 via the scoreboard and in most cases this is the method you will be using. You encounter toxic players in the game and if you want to mute them mid-match, then go through the following steps.

  1. Open the scoreboard by pressing Tab
  2. Click on the player you want to mute
  3. And then click on Mute.

That’s it. You can no longer hear the muted player and enjoy your game as you want to. Since players usually mute players after facing toxicity from them in-game, this is the method you will use the most.

Mute all players or just enemies

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The previous method highlights how to mute one player at a time. But if you are already very frustrated with a lot of players, you can also choose to mute all enemies or even all players (except friends) beforehand.

The downside is that you will no longer be able to listen in on friendly teammates and can not strategize as efficiently. But it’s up to you if you feel like you want to mute all players beforehand.

  1. Open CS2
  2. Click on Settings in the Top left corner
  3. Go to the Game Tab
  4. Click on Communications
  5. Set Mute Enemy team to yes
  6. You can also choose to select “Mute all but friends” to yes.

Hopefully, these steps mean you can enjoy CS2 to its full potential without any problems. Counter-Strike 2 is a beautiful game with a thriving community and Valve has already released a bunch of updates to fix any launch day issues.

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