You can set your own crosshair or copy a code from a crosshair you like and import it into your copy of CS2.

If you're an avid Counter-Strike player, then you have no choice but to make the switch from CS:GO to CS2. The former's servers shut down and it was replaced by the newest Counter-Strike title. There's a lot that has changed, but you can rest easy knowing you can import your crosshair into CS2.

You'll need to know your CS2 crosshair code if you want to do things the easy way. Otherwise, you'll be forced to edit all of the CS2 crosshair settings until you get your desired crosshair. Both methods are done in the settings menu.

How to import a crosshair into CS2?

Share or import a crosshair into CS2 here (Image via
Share or import a crosshair into CS2 here (Image via

There are only a few steps you need to follow to import a crosshair into CS2:

  1. Open CS2
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right to open Settings
  3. Navigate to the Game menu
  4. Select Crosshair to jump there or scroll down until you've reached the section
  5. Choose Share or Import on the crosshair preview image
  6. Enter the crosshair code of the crosshair you'd like to import to CS2
  7. Click Import to finalize

You can follow the first four steps to simply reach the crosshair area of the settings. From there, you can toggle each option until you get it right. Follow up to step five and you'll see that you can copy your crosshair code to share with friends if you they think yours is top-notch.

Can you use a CS:GO crosshair in CS2?

dev1ce's CS:GO crosshair imported to CS2 (Image via
dev1ce's CS:GO crosshair imported to CS2 (Image via

The best part about importing a crosshair to CS2 is that you can use codes from CS:GO. If you ever copied your code and saved it somewhere, you can simply paste it into the crosshair code box, hit Import, and take it into your next match.

This also works for professional players. If there's a pro whose crosshair stands out, but you haven't seen any code for their CS2 crosshair just yet, their CS:GO code works just fine. Find it, copy it, and import it just as you would any others.

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