How many beach balls in CODM Scavenger Hunt: Answer here cover image

How many beach balls in CODM Scavenger Hunt: Answer here

How many beach balls in CODM Scavenger Hunt? That’s a question worth 1,000 CP, and we believe we have the answer for you.

Call of Duty Mobile is holding a scavenger hunt competition, with 1,000 CP up for grabs for the first 10,000 people to guess correctly how many beach balls are in the CODM Summer Sale trailer.

How many beach balls in CODM Scavenger Hunt?

There are 77 beach balls in the CODM Scavenger Hunt trailer according to our meticulous calculations.

We've broken down every single scene in the Scavenger Hunt Summer Sale video below to prove we did the hard work so you don't have to. Then you can double check, to see which ones you may have missed.

77 also seems very reasonable given the options in the form are 75,76,78 and 79. However, people are still given an option to enter "Other".

Check out our article on the CODM Summer Sale for rules on how to participate in the giveaway by filling in the official form.

How many Beach Balls on the CODM cruise ship deck

So initially we thought these were buoys in the water, but in a later shot we see a ball next to one of the speed boats. That means from the opening shot alone we have 15 beach balls.

The second sequence is a pan on the top of the cruise ship. As mentioned before, we can see the beach ball in the water next to the speed boat, confirming that all the balls in the first shot were not buoys.

Now things get tricky as there are a lot of sneaky beach balls hiding in this CODM summer trailer. We believe there are a total of 21 beach balls in this sequence. Remember we can't count a beach ball twice unless it's in a different scenes.

Sneaky one here on the back of the soldier on the zipwire, but you'll catch it if you pause just as he begins his descent. Also slow-mo shows an extra beach ball on the right as he reaches half-way.

Titanic tribute

In a tribute to Titanic, we see two soldiers reenacting the famous pose of Rose and Jack. As the camera pans we can see an extra beach ball on the lower level and two more hidden away at the back.

How many beach balls in the rest of the CODM ship

So for the rest of the video there are a total of 19 beach balls. A couple are thrown in the final shot just to throw you off.

That's it! Fingers crossed you're quick enough to win the 1,000 CP.