Looking to complete the Caved In mission? You’ll first need to get your hands on some Sensitive Documents in DMZ mode.

Need a break from searching for keys? Call of Duty: Warzone 2's DMZ mode has many other secrets to uncover, including Sensitive Documents. If these sound intriguing to you, check out this guide.

There are several spots in Al Mazrah that contain Sensitive Documents. Just be ready to fend off strong AI enemies so arrive with the right equipment and teammates.

Where to find Sensitive Documents in DMZ mode

The best place to look for the Sensitive Documents is at the police station. This location can be found east of the Al Sharim Pass. Once you're inside, search the cells.

Other good spots are Sawah Hotel in Sawah Village and office buildings around Al Mazrah.

Throughout the map, look for safes. There's a very high probability that a safe you find has Sensitive Documents inside. You should also hunt down enemies. Some eliminated AI bad guys will also drop documents so always search them during your journey.

Once you have the Sensitive Documents, they can help you complete missions and more. So keep them safe and extract with them to ensure you don't lose them.

When do you need Sensitive Documents in DMZ mode?

You'll need to find Sensitive Documents in the Tier 4 mission called Caved In, which is for the White Lotus faction.

To complete this mission, you'll need to find smuggling records, enter the Sattiq Caves, and place the documents at the dead drop here.

The first part is to acquire the Sensitive Documents. Search the spots above for your best bet. Then bring the documents to the Sattiq Caves. You'll find these by the riverside caves and you'll need to go deep inside by using a boat.

Once you're in the right location, you will need to locate a hut by some light fixtures. Enter the hut and place the Sensitive Documents inside. Some players have reported a bug where the game doesn't register that you've placed the documents so you may have to keep trying or restart the mission.