This is your sign to find another key in DMZ mode.

Another day, another key. Call of Duty: Warzone 2's DMZ mode has continued to be popular for its survival-focused gameplay and mysterious map full of locked locations. From entire rooms full of loot to hidden containers under the water, you're bound to find something that needs a key. This includes the SC Soldiers Footlocker.

Al Mazrah is full of surprises deep within the desolate cities and warehouse-style buildings. If you've come across the SC Soldiers Footlocker key, you're probably wondering where you should use it.

Where do you use the SC Soldiers Footlocker key in DMZ?

If you already have the SC Solders Footlocker key, you need to drop in to Al Mazrah and head to an area south of Sattiq Cave Complex. If you reach Sa-id City you've gone too far. In this location, you'll find a small circle of houses.

Head to the road on the side of the homes and you'll see some dark-colored wreckage. This is where you'll find the footlocker, a tan crate.

You'll need the SC Solders Footlocker key to open it. Like other keys in DMZ mode, you'll find this key at random. It takes a bit of luck but some actions are more likely to get you the key than others. This includes eliminating High-Value Targets and looting their bodies as well as opening up crates and containers throughout the map.

Inside the footlocker, you'll find weapons, another key, and items worth a good amount of cash. To keep everything you uncovered, you have to safely extract from Al Mazrah so don't let any enemies catch you.

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