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Where to find the BC Toolbox Key in MW2 Warzone 2 DMZ cover image

Where to find the BC Toolbox Key in MW2 Warzone 2 DMZ


The BC Toolbox Key is a reward for completing the DMZ mission called Tactical Extraction.

The BC Toolbox Key is one of many different keys that can be acquired in Call of Duty's newest mode, DMZ. Players use the key to find some high-value loot in the Tarkov-style mode that Infinity Ward brought to MW2 at the start of Season 01.
Much like the Traveler's Luggage Key, the BC Toolbox Key is one that players can find after completing missions in the DMZ mode. The mission that grants the BC Toolbox Key is Tactical Extraction.

The most efficient way of completing the Tactical Extraction mission

Tactical Extraction is a Tier 3 mission in DMZ. It is part of the Legion Faction set of missions in the game, meaning that it is the first set that players unlock. This mission requires players to extract a whole host of tactical equipment from Al Mazrah.
Flash Grenades, Snashots and Tear Gas Grenades are part of the Tactical Extraction mission.
Flash Grenades, Snashots and Tear Gas Grenades are part of the Tactical Extraction mission.
Altogether, players will extract 31 pieces of equipment from the DMZ. This includes 13 Tear Gas Grenades, 11 Flashes and seven Snapshots. That may sound like a lot but with conscious effort, this mission is a breeze. Here's the most efficient method of getting it done:
  • Make sure any of the three required pieces of equipment are included in your loadout.
  • Complete a Secure Nuclear Material contract in DMZ in order to quickly raise money. You can also use the DMZ money glitch but that's a risky way to go about things.
  • Go to a buy station and sell up everything you've found so far. Make sure to buy a bigger backpack than you already have, if possible.
  • Purchase as many munitions boxes as you are able to.
  • Stow the tactical that you currently have in your backpack.
  • Use the munitions boxes to replenish your tactical.
  • Repeat the process until you have the required number of that tactical.
  • Exfil and repeat the whole process for the other two tactical.
This may seem long-winded but it is the quickest way to get the mission done. It will require three separate trips to Al Mazrah but will guarantee you a BC Toolbox Key.

What does the Toolbox Key unlock?

The BC Toolbox Key unlocks, funnily enough, a toolbox. Players can find the toolbox inside the Al Malik Airport are of the map in Al Mazrah. AI guards will be protecting the area with everything they have. These enemies hit really hard and will have players clinging to life in fewer bullets than human opponents.
In order to use the key that is won by completing the Tactical Extraction mission, you will need to equip it in the pre-game lobby.
The toolbox is upstairs inside the Al Malik airport.
The toolbox is upstairs inside the Al Malik airport.
Bringing heavy fire power is essential if you are going to be able to reach the toolbox. You can find it on the upper floor of the north side of the airport.
The room is accessible from the roof and the lower levels of the building. The roof provides a quieter experience. Fewer enemies will be waiting for you on top of the airport building.
The toolbox that players can unlock in DMZ.
The toolbox that players can unlock in DMZ.

What loot do you get?

The reward for unlocking the toolbox varies. The game randomly assigns loot each time that the toolbox opens. Only one is available in each server of DMZ. It will provide some high-value loot that players can sell for money. You can then use that money to buy equipment and weapons to help complete other missions.
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