Unlocking the Mud Covered Cache in DMZ mode cover image

Unlocking the Mud Covered Cache in DMZ mode

The Mud Covered Cache is full of high-tier loot, but you’ll need a key first to access this hidden supply crate.

DMZ has become one of the most popular modes in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, inspired by survival games and full of interesting and mysterious locations that allow you to escape with special loot. One secret spot with high-tier loot and gear is the Mud Covered Cache.

Ashika Island is home to many hidden areas including the Mud Covered Cache. But it can be hard to find and unlock. The first thing you'll need to do is find a key.

Where to find the Mud Covered Cache Key in DMZ

Like many other keys in DMZ mode, there is no guarantee when it comes to locating this particular key. Keys are dropped at random and you won't find them in any specific spot.

There are some more likely scenarios, however, like eliminating High-Value Targets and looting their drops or completing in-game missions.

Once you find this coveted key, you'll need to bring it with you to the Mud Covered Cache location.

Locating the Mud Covered Cache in Ashika Island

The Mud Covered Cache is full of high-tier loot that you can bring with you when you safely extract from Ashika Island.

The Mud Covered Cache is a supply crate that's located in the Tsuki Castle POI. Once you're in this spot, you'll find it beneath a small bridge.

You'll have to dive into the water, which is where you'll find the Mud Covered Cache. Use the key to unlock it.

Like other locked locations, you'll need to arrive prepared. There will be a lot of heavily armored bots in the location that you'll need to eliminate before you loot the crate. While you're at it, you can also take out the Bombmaker commander to grab a weapons case before you extract.