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How to open the Waterways Maintenance Kit in Warzone 2

Call of Duty players are enjoying all the mysteries in Ashika Island but are wondering how to open the Waterways Maintenance Kit in DMZ mode.

Ashika Island is full of mysteries and challenges that have kept Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players engaged. There are an abundance of cards and keys that unlock exciting new locations. Lately, players are wondering how to use the Waterways Maintenance Kit key.

Ashika Island has been a polarizing map for Call of Duty players. Some players feel it's action-packed while others feel it's too gloomy. But in DMZ mode, players are enjoying exploring the secret areas. There are a lot of rooms and containers that require a key to access, including the Waterways Maintenance Kit.

Players have been coming across this locked container and are wondering just how to get in!

Locate the Waterways Maintenance Kit in DMZ mode

Image via TroubleChute Basics
Image via TroubleChute Basics

The Waterways Maintenance Kit and its key are found northwest of Tsuki Castle. This location is in the center of Ashika Island.

As you approach the castle, you'll see a lot of hostile NPCs. You'll need to be prepared to fight them off before you can get into the building.

Once the enemies are taken out, you'll see a hut-style structure that stands out due to its round shape. It's luckily easy to get in since the door appears to be blasted off. Other walls are also damaged, making it easy to jump into this building.

Head down a zipline to get to the center of the building.

You'll find the key directly below the building when you drop into the water. More enemies will be here so you'll have to be ready to fight them off before grabbing the key. Or you can grab the key and get out of the area as fast as you can, trying not to get spotted by the two to three juggernauts.

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