The Chemist is a tough AI enemy in DMZ mode. If you take him down, you’ll get an exclusive weapon. Grab your gas mask and let’s gooo!

DMZ is full of AI enemies that have become even craftier and tougher after the recent update. One of the most difficult AI foes to take on is the Chemist, but it's worth it for the exclusive loot.

To take on the Chemist, you'll need to the Radiation Zone in Al Mazrah. This zone is indicated by a pink radioactive symbol on your mini-map. A yellow circle shows how large the radioactive area is. Before heading here, however, you'll want to acquire a gas mask.

Once you head to the Radiation Zone, you'll see the Chemist. It will be easy to spot him because he's in a yellow hazmat suit.

When you approach the Chemist, you'll notice there is an army of AI enemies surrounding him. They will attempt to take you out, making it even harder to get to the Chemist safely.

The first shot you take at the Chemist will make him drop to the ground, smoke appearing around him. This will make it even harder to get a good shot at him.

The trick to eliminating the Chemist safely is to take shots at him from afar. This will also keep you at a safe distance from his henchmen. But remember, you'll need to approach him in order to grab the loot, meaning you'll need to take on the AI militia at this point.

The reward is a special M13B. This assault rifle is a signature yellow and black, inspired by the Chemist you've taken it from.

If you want to keep this weapon, however, you'll need to safely exfil from the map. If you can leave the map without getting eliminated, you'll get the M13B.

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