Call of Duty: Warzone is a complex game. Here are 15 tips and tricks to master this Battle Royale, a great into to get you on your feet and enjoying the carnage.

One of the most popular Battle Royale games out there, Call of Duty: Warzone can be daunting for new players. It has a small learning curve, but this article aims to help you improve your game and become more efficient. Here are some important tips and tricks to get better at Call of Duty: Warzone.

How to get better at Warzone?

1. Choose a good Landing spot

There’s something you can do right from the very beginning to improve your chances at victory. The first course of action is to choose the correct landing spot. This decision depends on your playstyle. If you are a player who likes to be in the thick of things, it's efficient to choose a busier spot. Superstore or Hospital are popular landing spots and see consistent action.

Players should choose their landing spot depending on the location of the circle. The location of the contracts is also an important consideration while selecting the landing spot.

Playing solo can help you learn and improve on the basics. But in order to break through a skill barrier, you have to participate in tournaments and/or ladders. UMG provides quality online gaming experience with tournaments and ladders across multiple games on their platform. UMG is a player-driven community so you will always find like-minded individuals and can form teams or join existing ones. 

UMG allows you to create tournaments or join existing ones.
UMG allows you to create tournaments or join existing ones.

The tournaments also contain prize pools and are an opportunity for players to earn some cash while gaming. UMG provides tournaments with free entry or at a minimal entry cost. The community-based service supports multiple platforms for various games including PS4, Xbox One, PC, Uplay and more. Players who choose to become UMG Prime members ($4.99) have access to at least $5,000 in Prime tournaments every month.

"All of our PC players are required to stream their perspectives on Twitch or YouTube with audio and VODs enabled."

Mike Sauvron, UMG Gaming Site Manager

3. Play on Cheater-free platforms to save your sanity

The best way to improve your gameplay is to play fair and to play against people who play fair. If you constantly have to deal with cheaters and hackers, the scope of improvement is reduced. This is why platforms such as UMG are excellent for players looking to improve their Warzone skill.

UMG has an emphasis on providing a cheating-free environment for Warzone players. Call of Duty: Warzone is currently riddled with cheaters which is resulting in a sub-par experience for players in the official matchmaking system. But UMG has systems in place to deal with cheaters and ensure a fair playing field for all participants.

UMG requires all PC participants to stream their perspective on Twitch or YouTube with audio and VODs enabled. The platform also has very experienced site admins who know when to spot a cheater and take appropriate action. Saving the stress and frustrations of typical online play.

The community-based website has a PRIME Warzone 2v2 Kill race tournament soon where players can showcase their skills. The tournament starts on August 28 at 7pm ET with a $800 prize pool and has free entry for all. Securing a top two spot will earn you a share of this prize pool. In addition, UMG also has over $2,500 in prize money in September across Warzone PRIME tournaments, so definitely check them out.

4. Early Bird Gets the worm - Land quicker

Landing first gives you a huge tactical advantage.  Image Credit: Call of Duty.
Landing first gives you a huge tactical advantage. Image Credit: Call of Duty.

After selecting your landing spot, it's important to get to the location fast. The key word here is fast as landing early and before others can help you secure better equipment and vantage points. 

How do you land quicker in CoD Warzone?

After deploying your parachute, go back to free-fall mode. Players fall down much quicker in free-fall mode as compared to deploying the parachute. Once you are closer to land, deploy your parachute again and you will be able to land safely.

  • Make sure your parachute is open for the least amount of time
  • Aim for roofs
  • You can survive a drop of a roof three floors high, so cut the chute as soon as you can

Landing early has a lot of advantages. For starters, you get the choice of equipment. With no enemies around, you can take up a better position and wait for others to land. You can even shoot people in the air. Landing early also safeguards you against people who open fire during parachute drops.

5. Kill enemies before Landing

Players should take advantage of any opening they get in Call of Duty Warzone. With 150 players on the field, it can be extremely competitive and sometimes it’s just better to eliminate competition as early as possible. This is why Call of Duty Warzone players have devised the strategy of opening fire on their opponents during parachute drops.

How to open fire during parachute drops in Warzone?

To do so, you need to cut the parachute during your drop for sometime. Players should open fire only after spotting enemy players. Opponents are often unprepared for action during parachute drops and this can give you a big advantage in the game. It can also help you secure better equipment and eliminate competition at your landing location.

6. Do not shoot unless its a confirmed kill

The element of surprise is massive in Call of Duty: Warzone. So don’t panic when you see an enemy. Take your time to position yourself and aim properly. Once you are sure your firing will hit the enemy, open fire. 

A confirmed kill is an advantage in more ways than one. For starters, it reduces the number of people who can kill you. Secondly, a long-drawn out gun-battle will attract unwanted attention. So while you are busy shooting at one enemy, you might just become the target of a third player. And we don’t want that.

Get a good read on the situation and shoot only when you are sure you will get a kill. If you are not being spotted, use the time to get closer or in a better position.

7. Use the C4 - Blow up vehicles

The C4 is handy while dealing with opponents in vehicles.  Image Credit: Call of Duty.
The C4 is handy while dealing with opponents in vehicles. Image Credit: Call of Duty.

It is wise to have a C4 equipped at all times. While its not advisable to use a C4 in a gun fight, it can be a handy tool against enemy vehicles. C4 is the strongest counter to vehicles in Warzone. 

8. Complete contracts

Completing Contracts is a way to earn money which will be useful later in the game. Image Credit; Call of Duty.
Completing Contracts is a way to earn money which will be useful later in the game. Image Credit; Call of Duty.

Completing Contracts is the best way to make money. Contracts in Warzone range include Bounty, Recon, Scavenger, Most Wanted and Supply Run. These contracts include tasks such as survival, capturing points, searching for and opening chests and reaching certain nearby Buy stations in time. Fulfilling these contracts gives you a lot of cash money, sometimes they give you special abilities that will be a huge advantage in the game. But do remember that a team will not be able to activate more than one contract at any given time.

9. Share Loot with your teammates

Call of Duty Warzone allows you to see your teams’ finances. Teammates’ finances are important in Warzone because they need at least $4,500 at all times to ensure they can revive you. If you hoard all the resources, it does not help you when you are down and your teammates cannot revive you for lack of money.

Players require $4,500 to self-revive, which will save your teammates valuable time. It is also much safer to do so, but only provides more security for your teammates. Share the loot with your teammates as it increases the chances of a victory later in the game.

10. Use the Loadout Packages

Using loadout packages is unique in Warzone. Players can always take resources and gear off the ground. And for most purposes, it will work just fine. But loadout packages allow players to curate their gameplay and work more efficiently. One of the priorities for a player after landing is to accumulate 10,000 cash as soon as possible and buy a loadout package. Completing contracts is a very good way of ramping your cash inflow. After securing the money, you should head over to the nearest Buy Station. After ensuring you are safe, call the loadout to equip your custom weapon and equipment. 

11. Use the Tactical Map and Equipment

Using equipment can help you get kills later in the game. Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Call of Duty</a>.
Using equipment can help you get kills later in the game. Image Credit: Call of Duty.

When you call in an UAV, you open the tactical map to decide the target. But you can do the same during gun fights as well. This is a neat trick that will give you spatial awareness. You will know where your enemies are in respect to you and it will guide your movement and gameplay.

Players should also make optimal use of their equipment. Using equipment, often times, might mean the difference between an elimination or someone eliminating  you. Land mines, drones, Stopping Power Rounds and Armor plates are extremely strong and get you a kill later in the round.

12. Revive teammate, but only if its safe

Your teammate is down, it makes sense to revive him. But in the rush to revive him, players often let their guards down. First, make sure your surroundings are safe and you will not be the target while reviving. Only after you are sure you can revive safely should you go for it. This is very important if you want to get better at Warzone.

13. Have money? Use the V-sat

The V-sat costs 12,000 cash and is the most expensive item in the game. But it provides an advantage that no other weapon does. It gives you a peek into the location of every single player in the game, even if they have the ghost perk active. Call in three UAVs to effectively get to V-SAT and get your team a huge advantage. Using three UAVs at the same time not only allows you to see the enemy’s location, but also the direction in which they are pointing, in real time.

Towards the end of the game, players usually have a lot of cash. Don’t hoard your cash and make use of UAVs and VSATs to get positional advantage. 

14. Stick together, Don't abandon your teammates

Stick with your teammates so they can back you up and even revive you in time if necessary.  Image Credit: Call of Duty.
Stick with your teammates so they can back you up and even revive you in time if necessary. Image Credit: Call of Duty.

This advice is best for novice players who often tend to wander out on their own without efficient backup. Sticking together in a pack allows your teammates to keep tabs on you. They can back you up in case you run into multiple opponents. More importantly, they can revive you quickly in case of incoming damage and vice versa. 

At the same time, always communicate with your teammates. It is important to let them know what you see, where you are and where you spotted an enemy. Every information matters, and players should also ensure they do not flood the communication lines. 

15. Use the Gas Mask to surprise your opponents

As we head into the later stages of the game, the gas mask can become a very powerful weapon. If you have a gas mask, you should not be afraid to go into the smoke every now and then. This allows you to reposition yourself and have the drop on your opponent. Now, removing and wearing a gas mask can be somewhat time-consuming, so do not open fire and give away your location until you are completely ready to do so. This also means it is OK to take some damage in the smoke while removing your gas mask. 

Following these tips might not make you the best Call of Duty player out there, but it will get you close. Having your basics right is the first step to increasing your win-rate and ultimately win more matches.

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