Raven Software look set to finally grant the wishes of the Cod Community as they tease the arrival of a new anti-cheat system in Warzone.

It is a good day to be a Call of Duty fan as Raven Software has announced that they will be looking to implement a new anti-cheat system into Warzone for Season 5. Here's what we know so far.

Dr Disrespect Comments On Problems Facing Warzone

Hacking has been a problem in Warzone, to say the least. While the game still remains as popular as when it was released in March of last year, the sheer onslaught of cheaters was beginning to finally take its toll on the community.

In fact, many top content creators, such as Dr. Disrespect and CourageJD, have recently joined the mass exodus of people moving over to Apex: Legends in light of the surge in cheater activity in Warzone. The former was heard voicing his concerns about Warzone's longevity, especially due to the fact there is no anti-cheat system currently in the game. Now, however, with Season 5 just around the corner, it seems that Raven are finally ready to make their move.

"Here's the thing I'll say about Warzone," Doc said in his most recent YouTube video. "They did a fantastic job in creating something and having a lot of energy around it for the past year and a half. Obviously, outside of the anti-cheat stuff, it was a good run. I think with where things are at now, it is a combination of a few things." He then proceeded to talk about how the anti-cheat issue was at the forefront of several issues plaguing Warzone's time in the spotlight.

Anti-Cheat Finally Coming To Warzone

In the wake of Raven dishing out bans to another 50,000 players, the studio in charge of the highly popular BR has hinted that more details on the new Warzone anti-cheat system will be made available soon. A move that has both surprised and delighted the Cod community, as this is something that people have been begging for, for a lengthy amount of time.

While there has yet to be any indication as to when we can expect to hear more from Raven regarding the implementation, this is at least a step in the right direction. Warzone players will no doubt be hoping that the developers' latest efforts will bear fruit at long last. Because we don't even want to think about what might happen if it doesn't work.

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